Girl writes ‘demanding’ note to the tooth fairy and her ‘bratty’ behaviour totally divides opinion | The Sun

A YOUNG girl has divided opinion after writing a very 'demanding' letter to the tooth fairy specifying how much money she was after.

In the handwritten letter, which was shared to Reddit by her mother, the girl named Addy, who is from the US, asks to receive more cash than she received for her tooth the previous year.

It reads: "Dear mom, dad/tooth fairy.

"Can I please have 25$ (£20). Want more money than last time or else I will be mad."

The note is carefully sealed in a plastic bag with the word's "Addy's tooth" scribbled across the front in black marker pen.

The post has since split opinion online, with some left amused by the girl's courage, while others branded her tone "bratty."


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"Boy, she's gonna be really p***ed when she goes to the dentist and they start pulling teeth and charging her for taking them," joked one.

A second commented: "Karen in training.

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"She's gonna want to speak to the tooth fairy's supervisor, Santa Claus."

Meanwhile, another quipped: "I guess teeth are subject to inflation also.

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"My daughter lost one 2 weeks ago and told us the tooth fairy is gonna give her a 10."

A further noted: "Dear Child, Here is a dollar for your tooth.

"The other $24 (£19) is going into your anger management therapy fund. Love, mum/dad/tooth fairy."

And one more social media user added: "Lol but she will be mad.

"Damn… better correct that attitude or she’ll get out of line in the future."

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