Get ready – this simple hack will change the way you shop Zara’s website

Written by Naomi May

Ever wondered why Zara’s website is so hard to navigate? Turns out, we’ve been doing it wrong all along. 

As you’ve scrolled through the Zara website, it’s probably crossed your mind: just why is this website so hard to navigate?

In among the brand’s artsy campaign imagery and its quirky layout and bargain buys, navigating a session around the virtual shop is hardly a walk in the park. It turns out, however, that we’ve been doing it wrong all along.

In a video that’s amassed just shy of 205,000 likes, a TikTok user named @livbedz has shared that in order to actually navigate the website correctly, and in a stress-free manner, you must look to the top right corner of the webpage.  

Next to the Zara website’s search bar is its View function. Swipe the toggle along to the right and the images on site become clearer and more organised. Et voilà, a functioning website that can be scrolled through at your leisure. Mind. Blown.

Saving thousands of Zara shoppers isn’t the only way that TikTok content creators are helping we mere mortals of late. A beauty buff on the platform recently shared a hack that she promises will lead to curlier-than-normal eyelashes: using an eyelash curler upside down.

Images: courtesy of Zara.

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