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LOVE it or hate it – when you see the rich kids of TikTok on your For You Page, you can't help but see what they're up to.

And it seems a lot of them are more than happy to show off their lavish lifestyle, recording helicopter rides to work, their four-year-old's designer bag collection and the castles they call home.

While it might irk us that these kids seemingly have no care in the world about how much they spend, especially during a cost of living crisis, it seems we can't peel our eyes away from watching them sink thousands of pounds.

Taking part in the trend, Kass decided to show off her luxe family home, which just so happens to be a castle.

The stone brick house even has its own private playground in the garden, basketball court as well as a disco room fitted with strobe lights.

Also hidden inside the grandeur mansion was a playroom, kitted with ceiling-hung swings, and a foosball table.


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The #RichKidsofTikTok hashtag isn't just for these jet-setting teens to use, and a Budapest-based jeweller who made a bespoke PINK Rolex dripping in diamonds used it to show off their craftsmanship.

The hot pink watch has a diamond-encrusted face and solid gold links which easily cost over £15,000.

One exclusive TikToker going by the name Rich Lifey showed off the new chopper he bought outright for travelling to work.

Kitted with luxurious leather brown seats, the helicopter can fit five people, and may be easier for him to jet across the city in than the private jet he also shows off.

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One proud billionaire, who clearly loves nothing more than spoiling her four and five-year-old children regularly posts videos of the kids enjoying a life many of us can only dream of.

Her daughter Ivana happily posed for a video with a heaping pile of designer bags including a rare Hermes Kelly, Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

Other clips show her daughter and son jumping on the bonnet of the family's Lamborghini.

Similarly, Samuel Snell loves showing off his lavish life jetting around Dubai.

The entrepreneur is already balling at 19, driving around in a McLaren with his wrist sparkling from a £100,000 diamond-encrusted Rolex watch.

Meanwhile, another Rich Kid proudly showed off the crystal chandelier in their foyer which cost a staggering £23m.

The eye-watering waterfall-effect installation starts at the ceiling and goes down into the floorboards.

Showing off the incredible chandelier, the TikTok user wrote: "$30,000,000 house chandelier check…"

And the luxury fan seems to have so much money he can barely keep tabs on what designer goods he has bought.

Ripping open the parcel, he said: "I actually don't remember what I bought from Louis Vuitton.

"What is it? OH it's a scarf."

Plus, TikTok star Chantel Jeffries gave her followers a tour of her mate's modern mansion.

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Inside the house, Chantel's rich mate Austin was casually sitting at his grand piano in the middle of the marble foyer before moving on to the games room – complete with a pool table and vintage arcade games.

Chantel drives off into the sunset in a golf cart at the end of the clip, clearly because the estate is just FAR too big to walk around.

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