From red to yellow here’s what Hatchimals' eye colour really means – and it tells you if they’re sick, happy or even sad

The pricey toy comes with its own personality, and is like an interactive pet.

You can tell how they feel or what they need just by looking at their eyes, which change colour.

But unless you know what the colours mean, you can end up with an unhappy Hatchimal.

They vary between eight different colours from green to white, with each shade having its own meaning.

Knowing what the colours mean is key to keeping your Hatchimal and Hatchibabies happy.

Hatchimals eye colour meaning

  • Green = sick
  • Orange = gassy
  • Yellow = happy
  • Red = upset
  • Blue = cold
  • Purple = hungry
  • Pink = needy
  • White = sleepy

The colour green is cause for concern, as it means they’re sick and need looking after.

Orange means tummy troubles so try soothing them.

Yellow is a happy Hatchimal, but red means they’re upset – be warned.

If they haven’t hatched blue means they’re cold, but if they’re hatched blue means scared.

Purple means feed me, while pink means they want cuddles.

And white is a sleepy Hatchimal, so it’s time for bed.

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