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FROM best-selling books to a DIY series on the BBC, it's fair to say that Stacey Solomon and Mrs Hinch know a thing or two about home renovations.

Over the course of the year, cleaning whizz Mrs Hinch, 32, and Loose Women presenter Stacey, 33, have shared endless handy hacks that have gone down a storm online.

From a DIY panel mirror made from £1 Ikea frames to using spare tiles to jazz up basic household appliances, their suggestions have been both easy and cheap.

Here, Fabulous takes a look back at some of the best fool-proof hacks the besties have posted on their social media pages.

After all, they're too good to be missed!


While panel mirrors are fashionable and can make a huge impact in the home, they can also be pretty pricey.


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But Stacey demonstrated how you can make your own for cheap – using £1 frames from Ikea.

Grabbing half hour while her son Rex was napping, the mum-of-three showed herself doing some DIY on Instagram.

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She penned: "I'm going to try and make a giant mirror. I feel like I really need something in these big white spaces (in her living room) and I love those giant panel mirrors but they're so expensive.

"So I bought these black frames and mirrors from Ikea, all together cost £30 so I really hope I can make it look nice".

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In total, Stacey purchased nine black frames and nine panel mirrors of the same size, costing £1.25 and £1 respectively.

Then all she needed was command strips, a spirit level, a tape measure and a pencil to hang them up.

She explained: "I put a line in the middle then put two mirrors either side of the dot and worked from there…"

The savvy mum also added a mirror sticker from her sister the The Label Lady, which reads "You Are Enough".

She continued: "My sister had the best idea ever to make it even more special – Love this".

Revealing the finished result, Stacey enthused: "I can't tell you how happy this is making me. I can't believe it. For £30 I'm soooo happy.

"I know it's sad but I just love it. I think I might put more labels. What do you think?

"My sister has made positive ones especially for mirrors and they're just so beautiful".

The DIY enthusiast used Ikea's £1 Lonsas mirrors and £1.25 Yllevad frames in black, both of which are sized 21x30cm, for her project.


Let's face it, your average toilet brush isn't much to look at…unless you live in Stacey Solomon's house, that is!

The DIY Queen shared a very easy hack to help jazz up boring bathroom appliances – by using leftover 'mermaid' tiles.

Posting on her Instagram page, the 33-year-old shared the rather unusual hack she used to inject a touch of glam in her bathroom.

The former X Factor star commented: “It’s one way to use leftovers I suppose.

"I just stuck them on with leftover tile adhesive. 

“Now I just have to let it go off then I'll grout & then I'll put the same sealer we are putting over all of the tiles in here so that it's smooth and gross dirt can't get in the grout."

Impressed with her handiwork, Stacey explained: “Loads of you asking what sealer I'm going to use.

“It was good old Steve who told me about it so as soon as he brings it next week I'll share exactly what it is!

“Apparently it stops your grout getting dirty”. 


Is there anything more annoying than sitting down to watch the TV, only to realise the photo or mirror on the wall is sitting wonky?

Well luckily, Mrs Hinch took to Instagram and shared a short series of clips showing the very clever hack she uses to mount a mirror on the wall – and it takes just minutes.

In the clip, she explained: "I bought a new dining room wall mirror in Dunelm and I'm in love."

She could then be seen taking a roll of masking tape and sticking a strip across the back of the mirror, ensuring the tape spanned the whole width and covered the keyholes where the nails slotted in.

The cleanfluencer then located the keyhole on either side and marked them using a black pen so she knew exactly where to hammer the nails on the wall.

Next, she stuck the masking tape to the wall and used a spirit level to check that it was straight.

Taking the two pen marks as a guide, she finally hammered two nails into the wall, before removing the tape and hanging up the mirror.

And voila! It really couldn't be simpler…


Anyone with pets or small kids will know that cream is a colour that should be avoided.

But if you're a fan of neutral-coloured furniture, then Stacey has the perfect hack for you.

The savvy mum-of-three shared the genius way in which she and Joe keep their cream sofas spotless – even in the rainiest of weather conditions.

Sharing a post to Instagram, Stacey explained: "Time to put the sofa covers on. When it gets really rainy we just put sofa covers on so that we don't get the sofas covered in muddy paw prints."

She continued: "It's raining so much that we have to keep them covered in the winter.

"Because otherwise, these guys [the dogs] all ruin them when they come back in from their walks."

And for anyone keen to try the hack themselves, Stacey revealed exactly where she bought her protective cover from.

"They're from Amazon but I just looked and the price has shot up for some reason," she noted.

She then went on to say how she managed to find a similar version for £28 called the Luxurlife high stretch sofa cover.


DIY enthusiast Stacey has revealed her expertise in her number one bestselling book, Tap to Tidy: Organising, Crafting & Creating Happiness in a Messy World – and she even has her own DIY series with BBC, Sort Your Life Out.

So it's little surprise that her love for finding fool-proof hacks has rubbed off on her husband, Joe Swash.

The former EastEnders actor, 40, shared his handy bin bag hack with his social media followers.

In the clip, he explained how you simply take the bag and fashion it into a 'sword' shape before plunging it into the bin.

He went on to demonstrate by drawing the bag through a small gap made by his thumb and forefinger, which then made it stand up straight.

Next, he thrust it into the bin and simply folded the edges over – showing the quick and easy two-step technique.

He explained: "One hand, like a sword, put it in, and voila."


Savvy Stacey tied the knot to husband Joe in July – and cut back on costs by sorting some of the decor herself.

The former I'm A Celeb campmate impressed her social media followers after revealing how she transformed her patio at Pickle Cottage into the wedding breakfast location of dreams.

After being inspired by the scenic views during her hen do in Greece, the mum-of-three took to Instagram to share her handiwork and penned: "A little Pergola Wedding glow up.

"When I went on my hen do to Greece I fell in love with the bougainvillea and all of the white walls and beautiful surroundings.

"We want to have a family breakfast after the wedding under the pergola so, we decided to paint the pergola white and @emlouflowers found the most perfect pink flowers and we spent yesterday making our Greek wedding breakfast set up come true."


Over the last year, Mrs Hinch has taken her fans along with her as she set to work renovating her stunning five-bedroom Essex farmhouse.

And in true Mrs Hinch style, there wasn't a corner unturned – with the cleaning whizz shocking fans by revealing the very clever way she perked up the appearance of her under-the-sink cupboard.

Posting on Instagram, she shared a before snap which showed the kitchen completely stripped back and in desperate need of a modern update.

But after, the spacious room had been fitted with fresh white kitchen cupboards, a marble worktop surface and wooden display cabinets.

It was then that the cleaning guru revealed how she used eucalyptus to add a personal touch to the cupboard under the sink.

Alongside the snap, she quipped: "Yep, I reckon I'm the first person to decorate underneath their sink – but look at it (my fave cupboard always!

"But it's finally here! My own frosted eucalyptus collection."

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