Four-month-old baby appears to whisper ‘f*** off’ to mum after she points out giant bogey

A MUM was in hysterics after her four-month-old baby appeared to tell her to ‘f*** off’. 

Charlotte Hazell was filming her adorable newborn, Reuben, as he lay in his crib. 

The mum, from Brighton, pointed out her son had a rather large bogey up in nose, which isn’t uncommon for anyone under the age of ten. 

But she managed to capture on film the hilarious moment Reuben appears to say ‘f*** off’ in response. 

The tot seems to whisper the swear words at his mum, seemingly unimpressed that she pointed out he had some snot up his nose. 

Charlotte shared the brilliant clip with family and friends, as she insisted she heard the expletive, despite Reuben not being able to talk yet. 

She said: “Well it sounds like he tells me to do one… 

“But whether that is what he was actually trying to say I do not know!”

The NHS says children should start trying to talk at around 12 months old, and will usually be trying out sounds, or saying simple words like ‘cat’. 

The website said: “Your child will start to put simple sentences together at around age 2. 

“Try to reply using sentences that are a few words longer.”

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