Foodie insists you've been eating your crisps all wrong – and it's why they're lacking flavour | The Sun

A FOODIE has revealed the right way to eat crisps – and the hack will make them taste loads better.

Sometimes nothing hits the spot quite like a packet of crisps. But according to one food fan, all of us have been enjoying the crispy snack wrong.

Justin Chopelas, who regularly posts food content and reviews of various meals on TikTok, claimed it's all about an important step that many tend to forget.

Filming a packet of Doritos, Justin said: ''So do you see all that seasoning at the bottom?

''That's why you open up a bag of Doritos upside down – all the seasoning settles at the bottom.

''You are welcome,'' Justin chuckled, urging his 63.3k followers to inform all of their pals and relatives about the life-changing hack.

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Since being uploaded on the popular vide-sharing platform, the clip has gone viral, racking up a whopping 653k views in just one day.

Fellow foodies were blown away and hundreds flocked to comments to share their thougts.

One reckoned: ''they just need to sell the seasoning , they would make a killing!''

Someone else wrote: ''i just shake the bag before i open it.''

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''Why am I just learning this at 34,'' a third joked.

''I was always told if I open a bag of crisps upside down I would get bad luck. even now as adult I couldnt do that [sic],'' read another comment.

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It seems 2023 is all about food hacks – and this cereal trick is one to know.

There's nothing as tragic as a bowl of cereal that's lost its crunch – and it turns out, it's all to do with how you store it.

Food fans on Instagram are going wild over a simple hack that prevents this from happening and one of those who gave the tip a shot was Dustin Hadley.

Better known to his 484k fans as That40yearguy on social media, Dustin regularly puts various hacks to test – and the cereal box trick is no exception.

According to the social media star, who was also recently stunned by a microwave hack, you first start by folding three flaps inside – the two smaller ones and one of the longer ones.

Once done, he demonstrated in the video, make creases on the sides – but not all the way down; halfway through is fine.

The last step is then taking the remaining long cardboard flap and tucking it in the area you've just created.

To secure it even more, you can also pinch it together.

Sharing the game-changing tip, Dustin was baffled at how easy it was.

''Where have I been all my life,'' the foodie exclaimed.

Since being uploaded on the popular social media platform, the clip has taken the internet by storm.

Thousands of people flocked to comments to share their thoughts, with one wondering: ''Literally why has no one made a ziploc bag for cereal all these years? Cool tip Dude!''

Another chuckled: ''At this point i don’t know if i’m breathing correctly.''

''I just clip the bag, otherwise it's gonna go stale,'' read a recommendation.

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An Instagram user thanked Dustin: ''I have learned more stuff from watching your videos and the sad thing is instead of 40.

'' I’m 60 lol keep up the good work.''

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