Five ways you can beat the winter blues from putting your phone away to putting your Christmas decorations up early

It sounds like you have the winter blues, and you’re not alone.

Two million Brits experience exactly what you’re feeling but with less than a month until Christmas, we have some tips on how to boost your spirits.

1. Exercise

It may be a cliché but it is for a reason.

Make yourself leave the house and get some fresh air even if it’s the last thing you feel like – studies show that even walking for just 15 minutes a day can release the happy chemicals that you need to up your mood.

2. Vitamins

Such an easy thing to do and one many people forget – take your vitamins!

Without long-term exposure to the sun we miss out on our vital dose of vitamin D that makes us feel happy.

So in winter one in five of us in the UK become vitamin D deficient. So take your vitamin D tablets to keep that mood up.

3. Hang out with friends – in real life

Doing something as simple as having a chat face to face with your best pals is enough to leave a smile on your face.

When you’re feeling low you need to be around people who make you feel good about yourself and that means your friends and family.

Brits check their phones every 12 minutes of the waking day –  choosing social media interaction over real human contact and exposing themselves to blue light from their phones and disrupting their sleep rhythm.

Download the app Moment to make sure the amount of time you spend on your phone isn’t bad for your health.

4. Ambience

Go crazy and deck out your house with fairy lights, or even put up the Christmas decorations early.

Bright colours and lights are proven to bring a smile to people’s faces and help with alertness levels– so ditch the black from your wardrobe and brighten up your office.

5. Take care of your body and mind

That means eating your greens and vegetables and avoiding overly sugary stuff which causes your blood sugar and mood to go up and down.

Try eating slow release foods like lentils and vegetables which will keep you feeling good all day long.

Also try out meditation and mindfulness to calm and focus your mind.

Retail therapy is not just a lie we tell ourselves to justify great black Friday deals. Shopping really can help improve ones mood – that is if you buy something you really want.

Make sure your winter blues aren't more serious – check out our guide on the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

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