Five cheap and easy Halloween DIY ideas if you’ve run out of time this year

IF YOU have left your Halloween decorations to the last minute, and found the shelves in the supermarket bare, do not threat.

Plenty of people have been sharing their SAVVY makeup tutorials and Halloween decorations for if you're on a budget and running out of time.


If you are in a crunch for time and can't find any decorations to go with your pumpkins, this may be the hack you need, which one user shared on the Facebook group, Family lowdown tips & ideas.

The post was like 3.5k times, and consists of using black bin bags, some old paper and cardboard and some string to create a giant spider infestation visitors are bound to love.

Simply, stuff two bin bags with paper until they form ball shapes, one for the body of the spider and one for the face.

Next secure them together with tape or string, then to make the legs, take some cardboard and roll it up into eight pieces, cut a bin bag and tape it over the cardboard and attach to the body of the spider.

You can use extra pieces of paper to create eyes on the spider as well.

To make the spiders web you just need some white string and tie it together to create a spider web pattern, the original poster said they used tent pegs they had lying around to secure it in place.


This is another simple hack you can do quickly in time for Halloween, if you are in a crunch for time and can't find any decorations to go with your pumpkins, this may be the hack you need, which one user shared on the Facebook group, Family lowdown tips & ideas.

Take any empty plastic/glass cartons you have lying around and decorate them with your little ones, this hack is especially good if your child is too young to carve a pumpkin but still wants to be involved in the celebrations.

Clean out the cartons and then put a dollop of paint inside, put the lid back on and give it to your little one to shake about until the paint covers the inside of the carton.

Then you can either use black paint or paper to cut out eyes, mouths and noses and create a spooky little monster.

To give the cartons the same glow as a pumpkin, use electric tealight candles or glow sticks.


If you've been invited to a last-minute party, don't stress, as one TikTok user has you covered for an easy Halloween makeup look.

Ashleighramseymakeup posted a quick and easy bullet hole tutorial on her account, which has received thousands of likes.

First, she takes a small piece of tissue paper and rolls it up, then Ashleigh applies eyelash glue to her forehead in a circle.

She then takes the tissue paper and makes it into a circle and sticks it onto the eyelash glue.

Once it has set, she applies foundation over the circle to create a seamless blend.

She then goes in with brown, red and purple coloured eyeshadow to make the bullet hole look more realistic.

Ashleigh finishes by adding fake blood to the hole and her face, using a toothbrush to give a splattered effect.

It's a great costume idea if you don't have time to put a whole new outfit together.


One mum took 'haunted house' to a whole new level on her street, with lots of friendly ghouls and monsters ready to spy the best Halloween costumes from the windows.

The woman posted the hack on the Facebook group, Family lowdown tips & ideas, and said she simply bought some black card and stencilled some spooky figures on it and thencut them out.

She used white paper to make the eyes for some and simply stuck them onto her windows and then put orange tissue paper behind them to give off a spooky glow.


If you fancy trying something a little smaller to go with your pumpkins outside, then this clever DIY may be for you.

Shared on the Facebook group, Extreme couponing and bargains UK group, one mum shared her clever hack for a cuter, daintier spider web decoration.

All you need to do is blow up some balloons and wrap some wool around them to create the look of a spiders web, leave enough string free so you can tie it up later.

Next use PVA glue to stick down the wool to the balloon, then you want to let them dry for a few days before adding on any extras , such as, plastic spiders or bats.

Once those have dried you can pop the balloon and tie the spider web to your porch or windows to create a spooky Halloween entrance to your home.

People commented that you can keep the spiderweb white or add some colour using green or orange wool.

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