Fashion experts reveal how to shop for perfect fit jeans without having to leave your sofa

Here, the ultimate denim experts have shared their top tips for browsing the shops online and bagging yourself the perfect pair of chaps, all from the comfort of your home.

Note the jeans you’ve already got in the ‘drobe

It’s easy to want a radical new look once your old jeans are ready for the bin, but when it comes to finding the dream pair, you might be better off playing it safe.

Speaking to The Pool, M.i.h’s director of brand and design Jessica Lawrence said: “If you have a favourite pair of jeans where you love the rise, or how long they are, you can compare the measurements with the jeans you’re looking to buy online.”

Slimline your search

With everything that’s out there, looking for any type of clothing online can feel seriously overwhelming, but it’s important to not get dragged into a black hole of denim when trying to find the right pair.

Maurizio Donadi, AG’s creative director, suggested making it easier for yourself by making a couple of key choices from the get-go.

She said: “Jeans are generally categorised online by silhouette and by rise, so that is where you have to focus your first decision.

“If you have a sense of what leg shape and length you want, and whether you want low or high rise, you can edit down immediately then let yourself be drawn by the wash and vibe of the jeans.”

Be sure to note the size guides

Because who actually looks at them, right? In this particular shopping task, it’s important that you do.

If you want to find a pair that will make it over your calves and hold you in in all the right places, note the size calculators.

Most online stores – for example, Zara and Asos – will have them and they can be a great way of figuring out what sizes will fit best, especially if you often find yourself in between sizes.

Get tech savvy

The king of all jean companies, Levi’s, has a virtual stylist that can play the role of your bestie and give wisdom on the type of jeans and fit that might work best for you.

A little pop-up chat will appear and engage with you while you browse the site.

Claudia Roggenkamp, vice president of digital at Levi’s, revealed those who use the techy tool have more success finding the jeans of dreams than those who don’t.

Look at what they’re made of

If seeing cotton, elastane and polyester in the description goes right over your head, don’t panic. Jessica Lawrence has made it easy to spot the type of jean material that gives a little, well, give.

She said: “I always recommend checking how much stretch the denim has, as that has a huge impact on how a jean fits and feels: 100 percent cotton means the denim won’t stretch.”

If you see elastane in the material make-up, you’ll get a little more stretch, but the pair will still hold.

Alternatively, if there’s a small mix of elastane and polyester listed, around four per cent, you’ll get a lot more give when squeezing them on.

Returns, returns, returns

Two words: Post Office. It’s a place we would seriously like to avoid scrambling around in our lunch break, but if you’ve had to order a variety of jeans to try on, it’s wholly necessary.

Make your life easier by scanning the returns situation before you order, and try to go for the stores that offer a free returns service.

Or opting for a try-before-you-buy service, like Klarna on ASOS and Topshop, means you don’t have to break the bank when ordering half a dozen jeans. You can ping them back without waiting weeks for the money to hit your account.

Just send back what you don’t want and pay for what you’ve kept within 14 or 30 days. Dreamy.

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