Fashion expert shows three things destroying your clothes, including the use of fabric softener

A FASHION expert dropped a major bomb on social media – you are probably ruining your clothes when you wash them or hang them up.

Taking to TikTok, Brandon Balfour who shares videos about men's fashion and lifestyle, claimed that there are three things people aren't doing to protect their clothes.


"Hanging things that should be folded" is the number one thing ruining your clothes, Balfour admits.

"Items like your sweaters should be folded because gravity will cause the material to stretch, creating shoulder nipples."


Don't use fabric softener when washing your towels or gym clothes!

"Fabric softener can leave a film on your athletic clothes that lock in the sweat leading to clothes that always smell bad," he revealed.


Balfour claimed that you need to wash your sweaters inside out.

"Make sure you wash your sweaters inside out to prevent pilling on your clothes," he said.

Additionally, it's a safe bet to wash most clothes inside out to avoid any deterioration of the color.

A mom had previously shown her amazing hack to easily hang her clothes, making laundry day so much less time-consuming.

In her video, the woman Carol can be seen looping her arm through the necks of seven T-shirts.

She then takes seven coat hangers and simply slips each T-shirt off her arm and onto the hanger in a swift motion, rather than hanging them all up individually.

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