Fashion expert reveals three shorts styles to go for if you're petite – and why Bermudas have to be binned | The Sun

A FASHION expert has revealed how shorts can cut your height even more – and which styles will do the very opposite.

Whether it's a cute denim moment or a more comfortable linen pair, shorts are a must-have wardrobe staple during the warmer summer months.

But whilst they're a great piece to have, especially during a sunny holiday, those fashionistas with a smaller frame will know that these bottoms can often make them look even shorter.

Luckily, here to help is one style whizz better known as The Fashion Mom, who took to TikTok to share some tips when shopping.

According to the guru, there is one style in particular that should be avoided at all costs, as it's anything but flattering – the so-called Bermudas that cut where your knees are.

''Do not wear this, don't do it,'' she urged fellow style enthusiasts in the video.

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Posing with a pair of wide bottom Bermuda leather shorts, The Fashion Mom admitted that despite liking them, they did not suit her.

''They are most definitely shortening me […] because this is giving short and stuffy.

''You can do what you want but this is for the short girls who don't want to look even shorter than they already are.''

One great alternative the fashionista urged to check out was the Levi's 501 shorts, which retail for £60.

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The right footwear here also plays a huge role – instead of flats or mules, The Fashion Mom jumped into platform sandals.

''Obviously, that's gonna make you look taller. But they're still comfortable enough for me.


''It's just way more flattering than a Bermuda short for my body.''

When hitting the high street this weekend or checking out what's new at the charity shop, the whizz also advised looking for a pair of super short shorts.

''The pros to wearing very short shorts as a short girl is that it shows more leg – which ultimately makes your legs look longer.

''You inevitably look taller as a result,'' she explained.

For those not too keen on a more leggy display, the whizz raved about mid-thigh shorts, which come a good chunk above your knee.

''Not quite Bermuda shorts but they are longer, they definitely have more coverage.

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''They're really high-waist so they still give you that taller, longer look whilst showing enough leg to not make you look short and stuffy.

''A few options that are not gonna make you look like a mature toddler,'' she chuckled.

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