‘Fantastic’ Princess Anne wears bold lipstick & gold brooch for historic day in Portsmouth

Princess Anne 'is the best of the royal family' says Galloway

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Princess Anne visited the D-Day Story Museum in Southsea in Portsmouth today to formally open a landing craft tank (LCT) 7074 today, which is the only remaining LCT used during D-Day in the world. The Princess Royal wore rosy red lipstick with a bright pink hue, which was unusually bold for Anne’s taste. She also accessorised with a gold brooch that has never been seen before.

Princess Anne wore a navy blazer with six buttons down the front of it.

The buttons appeared to feature an anchor, which was perfect for visiting the LCT in Portsmouth.

On the Princess’ lapel, she seemed to be wearing a gold brooch with the design of the letter ‘S’.

The ‘S’ could stand for Southsea where she was visiting today, but the origin of the jewel is unknown.

Underneath, Princess Anne could be seen wearing a red jumper and a white silk scarf, decorated with red and navy blue stripes.

The scarf also featured navy swirls to add some character to the clothing item.

Anne was carrying a black handbag, which was chic but also sturdy for the royal outing.

For jewellery, the Princess wore a gold bangle that was slightly open on the side and depicted a ‘C’ on the clasp.

She also wore a pair of matching gold ball earrings which shone in the sunlight along with her brooch.

The most striking part of Anne’s appearance, however, was her bold red lipstick.

The rosy red colour also looked bright pink in various lighting and was a bold, unique choice for the Princess.

She paired her navy blazer with beige chinos and black leather sturdy shoes.

The shoes also had brown soles and brown laces.

Nick Hewitt, head of the restoration project, said: “It was fantastic. She’s so engaged with the story of the navy, and she is so connected to the navy’s historical importance.

“She really gets it, and that was lovely. I can’t think of anyone better to do that, and it was very moving to come back here and take part in the celebrations,” he told The News.

Afterwards, the Princess Royal gave a short speech, discussing the appropriateness of LCT 7074 being at the museum, and giving her thanks to those who restored the craft.

She said: “I would like to congratulate those who contributed to the presence of LCT 7074 here at Portsmouth at the D-Day museum.

“It seems like entirely the right place to be, and I hope all of you who were involved are as pleased to see it as we are.

“Above all, it is a pleasure to see this project come to fruition. It seems amazing this landing craft is the only one left, but it does make it so particularly important.

“This is an opportunity to thank a lot of people here, who make sure this story is told, not just of the landing craft, but of the people who sailed and travelled in it.”

Lord Mayor Frank Jonas, who attended the ceremony, said: “The fact Princess Anne is coming here is an honour.

“She is one of the hardest-working royals I know, and for her to open this for us, it’s special.”

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