Don't throw away your too-big jeans – my $7 Amazon buy is life-changing, it instantly makes the waist smaller | The Sun

JUST because you have a smaller waist, it doesn't mean your old pair of jeans have to go to waste.

Losing weight no longer has to lead to buying a whole new wardrobe.

A TikToker has shared how she transformed her newly ill-fitted jeans to better snug her slimmer waistline.

For less than $10, Cait Skjerverm (@caitilnskjerverm) excitedly told viewers about her Amazon find.

"So, I have found a clothing gamechanger for jeans and I just need to show you because holy – life-changing," she explained, in her now form-fitting, light-washed jeans and one-shouldered black crop top.

Cait crouched down with her brunette hair tied back in a bun to get eye-level with her followers as she cringingly told of how she was about to unbutton her pants.

With her undone pants now ready for their close-up, she pointed out the two buttons on the inside.

Showing the round silver button closer to the outside, she explained: "This is a brand new one that I made. I got an adjust button off of Amazon."

The $6.99 Jeans Button Pins were the affordable find she used to give her loose jeans a new – and tighter – lease on life.

Folding the waist part over, the tattooed TikToker who had a large ink design spilling out from under her top, continued to show the steps of this slimmer-fitting pants process.

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"You poke it through the front, screw it onto the back, and then, you can tighten your waistline to make it fit better without getting a new pair of jeans."

Bending down again with her hands on her knees, Caitlin still looked as if she couldn't get over the jean-transforming trick.

"I was this close to getting a new pair of jeans," she filled in her followers as she made a small gesture with her hand to exaggerate the almost imminent purchase at the time.

Caitlin then took a step back to take it all in – literally – as she let out a "Nah," almost as a sign of relief.

Many of her over 90,000 followers were in awe of the easy and affordable modification, with some having follow-up questions.

"But doesn’t it poke your stomach?" one such watcher asked.

"Nope! At least not that I’ve noticed yet," Caitlin responded.

Another viewer joked: "But who needs to tighten their jeans? I wish."

"Me! Haha all the time," the slim-waisted content creator remarked about herself.

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