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WHILE us Brits aren’t used to the warm weather and what to do in the unfortunate case of heat stroke, others are on hand to give us their trusty advice.

One Australian woman dished out her expert analysis in an informative Twitter thread, and shared when the time is right to act when it comes to children, as well as the do’s and don’ts for dealing with the condition caused by hot weather. 

Dr Ellie Mackin Roberts took to her social media profile, where she can be found at @EllieMRoberts, to offer her top tips. 

She wrote: “I am a genuine Australian, here is some advice regarding dealing with the heat that’s heading to England if you have no aircon.”

Dr Roberts, who is used to warmer climes, then went into a helpful checklist of what to look out for – and when heat stroke should be taken seriously. 

She revealed: “Heatstroke is no joke pals. Make sure you know the signs of heatstroke (for adults, children and any pets you have).”

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Dr Ellie went on to say: “If you feel you are overheating the two places on your body you need to focus on cooling down quickly (before then dealing properly with the issue!) are the crown of your head and your feet.

“Soak your feet in cold water – as cold as you can stand. Then drink lots of water.”

However, Dr Roberts maintained that when it comes to an advanced case of heatstroke, you need to take a different action.

She said: “In a genuine case of heatstroke, skip the feet and go straight for an icepack to the armpits. Yes seriously.” 

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She then followed this up with: “The ice pack to the armpits is STEP one. Following this, seek medical advice and/or attention.” 

Dr Ellie also offered up countless other tips to keep your home as cool as possible during extreme heat. 

She explained: “Close your curtains. All the way. During the entire day.

“You can open them at night when you will also (if possible) open your windows the whole way and direct any fans to make a through breeze.

“Buy or procure by some other means a mister or spray bottle. Fill it with water. Mist as necessary.

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“Also good for keeping pets cool – which is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.” 

Dr Ellie continued that there are other tricks of the trade to keep your pets safe at all times.

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She added: “If you can, stock up on ice. While, yes, a nice cool beverage with ice is wonderful, this is also mainly about your pets.

“Ensure that you are topping up their water with ice regularly.”

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