Dentist explains why using whitening toothpaste alone WON’T leave your teeth pearly white

A DENTIST has explained why using whitening toothpaste alone WON’T leave your teeth pearly white.

Instead, people tend to develop teeth sensitivity if they use this type of toothpaste every single day for an extended period of time.

Dr. Suhail Mohiuddin, who is based in Chicago, shared a video where he explained to a patient why, despite them brushing with whitening toothpaste every day, their teeth were still stained yellow.

"That's because whitening toothpaste doesn't actually whiten, they just have more abrasives," he revealed.

This might explain why people who have sensitive teeth might develop pain after weeks or months of using a whitening toothpaste consistently – it's too rough on their enamel.

One person in the comment section claimed that if you still want some help whitening your teeth and want to keep using the toothpaste, you might need to use it every once in a while.

After a long debate on social media on whether you should brush your teeth before or after eating a meal, Dr. Mohiuddin said: "it’s brush [before] eating breakfast and drink coffee in less than 30 mins [then] rinse with water.”

Dr. Richard Marques of Doctor Richard London, who has celebrity clients including Rita Ora, Anne-Marie, Tom Daley and Dua Lipa, added: “It’s an age-old debate, but my professional advice is that it doesn’t actually matter whether you brush before or after eating – it’s the amount of time you wait between the activities.

“The precious enamel that coats the teeth is temporarily weakened after eating due to the acids present in food, so by brushing right after you eat, you risk damaging it. 

"You should wait at least 30 minutes after eating before you brush your teeth, or at least 10 minutes before you eat, to ensure the active ingredients in the toothpaste have had a chance to do their job and protect the teeth, and so that your enamel is hardened.” 

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