Dad dubbed best in the world for amazing response after daughter is dumped

GOING through a break-up can feel like total agony.

But, this dad found a way to help his daughter whilst she was going through heart-break and it's perfectly heart-warming.

Based in San Francisco, Kenzie, 22, who posts as @kenziritotheburrito on TikTok, dedicated a Tiktok which got 2.5 million views, to her father last year.

In the video she revealed that he takes them both to Disneyland whenever she experiences a breakup.

“Thinking about how both times my relationships ended my dad took me to Disneyland, just him and I together,” Kenzie wrote over the video, which began with her tearful, laying down in bed.

The TikToker and college graduate then shared snaps of the father-daughter duo taken on these magical trips, which she explained were from either “breakup one” or “breakup two”.

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In the first photo, Kenzie and her dad are making silly faces, wearing Disney hats, while the other photos see the father-daughter duo posing in front of the amusement park rides, and with Minnie Mouse.

“He is quite literally the cutest and most caring man to walk this earth,” Kenzie captioned the video.

The loving Tiktok caused an outpouring of emotional comments from viewers, as many praised Kenzie’s father for his kind parenting.

“No this is the purest thing ever,” one viewer wrote, while another said: “This man is a SAINT.”

"We must protect him at all costs," wrote a defensive viewer.

"This is so cute wow," said another in awe of the dad's heart-warming gesture.

Someone else added: “He literally deserves an award.”

R&B pop star singer Pia Mia even commented on the Tiktok, as it made her emotional, she wrote: "Why am I crying."

Others joked that they would “fake” breakups if they were Kenzie just to be able to take the trips with her father, while some even revealed that they were inspired by Kenzie’s father to do the same for their children.

“GOAT. This is how I’m going to be with my daughter forever,” one viewer admitted, clearly inspired by Kenzie's dad.

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