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WAKING up with a thumping head, I dragged myself to breakfast as memories from the night before came flooding back: fishbowl cocktails, throwing shapes on the dance floor, somehow getting myself into bed…

Over the rejuvenating fry-up at our holiday resort in Turkey, I spotted another hungover face and we both broke into rueful grins.

It had been an epic night out and who better to have shared it with than my best friend – my dad Marcus.

I’ve always been a huge daddy’s girl.

I was an only child until I was five, when my brother Jackson, now 15, and then my sister Taylor-Rose, 14, arrived, and my earliest memories are of me and Dad being as thick as thieves.

My lovely mum Mel, 48 and an estate agent, and I are also close.


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But my bond with Dad was special from the start.

His was the shoulder I’d always cry on.

When I started secondary school, I was horribly bullied and Dad was the one I poured my heart out to.

He’d give me great advice: to be the bigger person, not to escalate the situation and to know my worth. 

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As well as my mum, I told Dad about my period starting and even my first kiss.

He wasn’t fazed at all, and I never felt I had to hide any part of my life from him.

That was definitely the case with boys.

My first relationship was when I was 11.

It lasted seven years, but was a rollercoaster, and I confided in Dad about every argument, crying into the night while he comforted me.

After a row with another boyfriend, Dad sat him down and gave him a talking-to – which didn’t go down well! 

Often, I don’t even have to tell him what’s happened – he knows when something is wrong.

When I’m in a relationship and go from my usual bubbly, social self to being more introverted, he spots the red flags and will raise them with me.

No topic is off-limits, not even my sex life – much to his despair!

But Dad hasn’t just shown his love for me with emotional support, he’s backed every business scheme I’ve had over the years, too.

When I dreamed of being a model at 12, he paid for a photo shoot.

Then, when I wanted to pursue hair and beauty, he built me my own salon in our house.

From a beauty box subscription business to doggy daycare, he’s supported my every dream.

Even when they haven’t worked out, Dad’s made me see that anything is within my reach, and it’s his job to help me get there. 

I love that I’ve inherited his entrepreneurship and drive, and he’s taught me the importance of hard work.

From the age of 14, I was his office assistant at his construction business.

Now, we’re working together on Football Mania Live, the largest family-friendly fan event in the UK. 

We also know how to have fun.

Dad bought me my first car, an Audi A1, just before I passed my test at 17, and we’ve visited lots of car shows together.

Sometimes people there think we’re a couple, which is hilarious.

He’s also brilliant to go out with.

We have regular nights at the pub with my friends, who love it when Dad comes out with us.

Once, a quick Saturday-afternoon drink turned into him getting the rounds in for the whole group, and we were all having such a great time that we missed the last train home! 

On our family holidays to Turkey, the two of us always hit the clubs together.

We love the same music – classic tunes by Prince and Michael Jackson have us both running to the dance floor. 

Mum thinks we’re crazy dreamers and is happy to let us get on with it, and my siblings are really different from us – they’re quieter and more introverted.

I tease them that I’m Dad’s favourite, and they know I can’t keep their secrets from him, but our bond has never bothered any of them. 

Dad’s given me some amazing gifts over the years.

Opening my 18th birthday present and seeing a key, I was confused – until he led me out of our family home to the balloon-covered annex that had previously been a swimming pool.

The inside had been transformed into a two-storey apartment, complete with lounge, dining room, kitchenette and bedroom with en-suite.

I was speechless. Dad is so generous, he’s set such a high bar for any man to reach.

Thankfully, the guy I’m currently dating, Ben*, 22, who I met through friends, definitely hits that bar.

Like Dad, he’s loving and thoughtful, and supports all my crazy ideas.

I was nervous about introducing them, as was Ben, but they get on very well. 

It wouldn’t matter if I was married and had children – I’d never move away from Dad, even a few streets would feel too far. 

When I see David and Harper Beckham, I recognise the same close father/daughter bond they share.

I know how much joy, strength and confidence comes from having your dad as a best friend.

Harper is blessed to have that, just as I have been.

I may be 20 now, but whatever my age, I’ll be a daddy’s girl for the rest of my life.

Dad Marcus, 53, who runs a building company, says:

”Holding newborn Lara, I was overwhelmed with love.

I couldn’t wait to do skin-to-skin and create a bond with my daughter.

I didn’t know it then, but it’s one that’s been truly unbreakable. 

Growing up, my dad was my best friend, and I wanted that connection with my own children.

My wife Mel has rolled her eyes over the years as I’ve supported every one of Lara’s dreams.

From deciding to redecorate her bedroom in one weekend to trying to become a YouTube influencer, I was always there to assist.

Thankfully, Mel loves what an involved dad I am with all our kids.

Transforming the pool into a maisonette for Lara’s birthday was also my idea.

I was just not ready for her to fly the nest and told her I was converting it to rent out.

Most people thought it was a great idea, but my two youngest kids were a bit cross about losing the swimming pool!

Being best friends with your daughter comes with some challenges.

She’s always been an oversharer, and there are things a dad definitely doesn’t need to hear about when it comes to his 20-year-old daughter’s relationship with her boyfriend!

I love all my children deeply and equally, and I’m so blessed to have them in my life.

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I’m the proudest dad on the planet.” 

*Name has been changed

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