Crocs launch black shoe covered in huge flame design for £40 – and people want to burn them

The newest design features huge flames – and we're really not sure what to think.

  • Bistro Graphic Clog in Black, Crocs, £39.99, buy now

The flaming shoes are selling for £39.99 and already have a four-and-a-half star rating.

We can only imagine this particular shoe – called the Bistro Graphic Clog – is aimed at chefs or those who work in a kitchen.

One Crocs website the shoes are described as: "Choose your culinary inspiration and serve up some serious comfort with these Bistro Clogs, featuring a variety of bold graphic motifs to help you express your passion in the kitchen."

Crocs are known being all about the comfort and are a favourite of people who spend all day on their feet.

  • Bistro Graphic Clog in Black/Pepper, Crocs, £39.99, buy now

  • Bistro Graphic Clog in Metallic Silver, Crocs, £39.99, buy now

They come in sizes three to 12 for men, and in sizes four to 10 for women.

If you're not a fan of the flaming Crocs there's also a stainless steel pair for a chic look to match the kitchen or even a black, splatted pair for the messier cooks amongst us.

This particular style doesn't have the ventilation holes for safety reasons but comes in the classic shape.

And the unusual shoes have divided opinion with some saying they just want to burn them, although others are now hooked on the brand.

One suggested that the "fire should be real", expressing a hatred for the shoes.

And another user made a joke, saying "OMG – you look so hot in your 'flame grilled crocs' said no women ever. NEVER! EVER! NEVER! EVER!"

However, another seems to be excited about the new designs, as she exclaimed: "I JUST BOUGHT MY FIRST PAIR OF CROCS AND THEY HAVE FLAMES ON!"

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