Couples are going wild for the Three-Legged Dog sex position… and it's perfect for winter

But the three-legged dog position is perfect for keeping your clothes on if it’s a tad too nippy.

While the name may make you think of the classic position doggy style, this is far from it.

The three-legged dog is in fact a standing position – but your partner doesn’t need to lift you up which should make it easy to master.

Plus as it’s standing, you can spice things up by taking your passion into the kitchen, living room, hallway – or anywhere you like.

And you can keep that dressing gown on too.

To get to grips with the dog, stand with your back against a wall with you partner facing you.

Lift one leg up and wrap it around their hip – this pose gives the position its name.

They can use one hand to support your leg, leaving both of yours free for purchase on them or your surroundings.

This gives a heightened sense of pleasure as the angle hits the g-spot.

Plus you can adjust your leg to hit different pleasure zones, while your partner can bend their begs to work some new angles.

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