Couple who were 'too skint' to buy a house saved £15k a YEAR by ditching £900 monthly takeaways & £400 beauty spend

A FAMILY who were desperate to buy a house, but were convinced they were "too stint" managed to say £15k in a year just by tackling their takeaway habit and cutting out the beauty buys.

Yvonne and Steve Somerville were splashing £900 monthly on ordering food and another £400 each month on beauty products.

The pair take home £5,000 a month but couldn't save due to their "astronomical spending".

The family, which is made up of mum and dad Yvonne and Steve and children Lewis and Joy are currently renting a house in Edinburgh.

The family featured in last night's episode of Secret Spenders on Channel 4 where experts Anita Rani, Emmanuel Asuquo, Anna Whitehouse, helped them to budget better.

The trio of mentors secretly filmed the family's spending habits for two weeks to get an idea of where their cash was going, and saw them sign for countless food deliveries.

Mum-of-two Yvonne confessed that they aren't well organised when it comes to meals and said that her husband is a pushover when it comes to ordering in.

Yvonne said: "Seeing the hidden cameras was really eye-opening for me. Steve was shocked when he was the beauty spend, that's a conversation we're going to need to have later."

Once the team got their mitts on the couple's finances and reviewed the footage, they also found Yvonne was forking out thousands for fancy holidays and hundreds on beauty treatments.

Yvonne said: "It makes me feel more confident, I was a really social person before the pandemic. I'm trying to get back out there but I feel everyone is prettier than me and everyone is thinner than me."

The family were also spending a whopping £228 a month on packaged food delivery services – 40% more than they would spend if they made the food themselves.

Finance expert Emmanuel discovered a personal loan in Steve's name with a "crazy" 20% interest rate, and advised them to switch straight away to save £2k per year.

After making all these changes the experts revealed that the couple could make more than £15k savings a year.

Yvonne said: "That is ridiculous, but totally believable.

"That's a huge amount on money, in two years time we could be moving into our dream home."

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