Cleaning fan reveals how to remove wax from carpet in MINUTES with clever iron trick & it's blowing people's minds

THERE'S no two ways about it – our carpets have been through a LOT.

Mud stains, split coffee, paint splatters and crayon stains. They've seen it all.

That said, wax stains are one of the few things we've never successfully been able to remove from our rugs… at least, until now.

Sharing their life hack on TikTok, the user CleanThatUp revealed how they removed this stubborn stain in minutes using three household items.

To begin with, the cleaning fan placed a towel over the dried wax and pressed a hot iron on top of it for a couple of seconds.

Once it had softened, they used a plastic spoon to scrape away some of the wax.

They then repeated this process until the stain had disappeared entirely.

The clip has racked up almost 650,000 "likes" and the trick blew followers' minds.

One replied: "The algorithm is way too specific. I just did this."

"Came on here just to say this worked," another added. "My sister spilled wax on my carpet and I got it all out with this method."

A third gushed: "I needed this. Thank you!!"

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