Cleaning expert shares the multiple uses of a salad spinner – like cleaning your delicates but not everyone’s convinced

IF you thought a salad spinner was just for cleaning your lettuce then think again.

One cleaning expert has revealed the multiple ways you can use one, but some of her tips are more out there than others.

Cleaning expert, Caroline, from the US, revealed the multiple ways she uses hers – and it's got people totally divided.

She posted the hack on her TikTok account, Neat Caroline, but not everyone is convinced by her hack.

Caroline demonstrates the least controversial uses first, including using it to dry your noodles after soaking them for recipes.

Another use for a salad spinner is to use the bowl that it comes with to prep, mix, or even serve your salad.


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Next up, Caroline recommends using your salad spinner to quickly dry any fresh herbs you've washed.

But the next hack threw people off in the comments.

Caroline suggests: "Instead of handwashing your delicates (things like bras and underwear) you can use the salad spinner with a bit of detergent and water."

The expert also recommends using it to dry your bathing suits.

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Finally, Caroline recommends using the bowl of your salad spinner to cover food and ensure it doesn't become stale or flies get on it.

But users were shocked by her recommendation to clean their underwear in the food prep item.

One wrote: "And…this is why you can't eat at everybody's house."

"Lmao another reason I don’t eat at other people's houses," added another.

A third commented: "Oh no, we don't wash underwear and vegetables in the same place."

"The idea of putting underwear into the same thing used for my food (even when the garments are washed) makes me want to vomit," commented a fourth user.

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