Christie Brinkley Ditches Her Makeup in a Beautiful Barefaced Selfie

Christie Brinkley loves makeup so much, she even launched her own line of cosmetics, but even she likes to embrace her makeup-free skin on occasion. 

“Not really camera ready,” Klum joked in her Instagram caption, before getting ready with her glam squad (and a giant Starbucks drink).

The actress proves filters and retouching aren’t necessary to look fabulous in this pretty poolside shot shared on her Instagram.

Dressed in just a white silk robe and gold jewelry, the model and mom, 31, posed in three shots for the camera, each showing a different angle of her makeup-free look. “Good morning London,” she captioned the series of photos. 

In an effort to bring back realness on Instagram, the supermodel snapped a selfie from bed to show fans what she really looks like when she wakes up in the morning. “No filter, no makeup, no hair product (except what was left from yesterday’s shoot—ha!),” she wrote. 

Garner wished her pal (and co-star on the upcoming HBO series Camping) a happy birthday by sharing a gorgeous, fresh-faced selfie of the two. “It is only fitting that beautiful, tenacious, other worldly @juliettelewis was born on the summer solstice. We need max sunshine to take you in, Juliette,” Garner captioned the photo. (Incidentally, it was National Selfie Day too!)

“Yes for my white shirt being the perfect light bounce,” the singer and actress wrote of her makeup-free selfie on Instagram. And fans quickly applauded her for showing off her glowing bare skin in the comments: “you are SO BEAUTIFUL ??,” one fan said. 

To promote her new KKW Beauty concealer kits, Kim wiped off all her concealer and foundation to show fans how much of a difference her products make to hide her under-eye circles.

“You can really see how dark my under-eye circles are,” she said on Instagram story. “And how crazy they look, really honestly. But that is what concealer is for!”

With her debut album drop only a few days away, Cardi B embraces her natural skin when she tells fans she’s been holed up in the recording studio the past three days perfecting her hits. 

Jessica showed off her post-facial glow after esthetician Shani Darden treated the star’s skin to a hydrating treatment. “Love you Boo @shanidardenthank you for hooking up mah face! Feeling Hydrated and ready for the freakin weekend,” Alba said on Instagram. 

Riverdale star Lili Reinhart credits her skincare regimen of Zo Skin Health, Kate Somerville and Renee Rouleau products for her clear complexion. 

The Victoria’s Secret Angel spent her Sunday afternoon bundled up in a cozy pink sweater and embracing her glowing barefaced skin. “How’s your Sunday going? Mine is very pink today! ???,” she captioned the selfie. 

The Bachelorette star Kaitlyn Bristowe shared a gorgeous makeup-free selfie for an empowering reason. 

“This is gonna mess up my [aesthetically] pleasing feed and I don’t really care,” she wrote. “After 2 months on Broadway, getting dolled up with full hair and makeup, this is how I normally look.”

Gwyneth knows the importance of giving her skin a breather, and can credit her blemish-free complexion to her natural skincare line, Goop.  

The supermodel mom hasn’t slowed down between chaperoning her 16-year-old daughter Kaia Gerber at New York Fashion Week and now at London Fashion Week, but still shows zero signs of undereye bags or jet lag in this ageless no-makeup selfie she shared from bed. 

A day spent without makeup isn’t a rare occasion for Kelly, who posted a bare-faced selfie with her daughter, River Rose. The singer wrote, “Me and #RiverRose #NoMakeupMonday …..wait, that’s every day y’all ? ….but you know I filtered the $&@! out of it ???”

As her husband John Legend so perfectly put it regarding this selfie Chrissy took on vacation, “No filter necessary.”

The singer got real with her fans on Instagram, writing, “On days where I don’t get primped and made up for my show, this is the real unglammed me… so nice to meet all of you!! ? I call this my morning coffee at home look #NoMakeupMonday if you don’t count the leftover mascara under my right eye… “

The top model paused for a quick post-shower mirror selfie wearing only a white towel wrapped around her hair. 

Drew isn’t afraid to keep things real, even if it means showing her fans her unplucked eyebrows, gray roots and un-Botoxed forehead lines. “#becomingsheila OH MY GOD How did I let it get this bad. Base and brows needed. Must become her. #santaclaritadiet here we go again. Season two,” the star said on Instagram about getting into character for season two of her Netflix hit Santa Clarita Diet.  

The star’s barefaced honeymoon with her new husband, Brooks Laich, continues! Julianne took a break from her tropical vacay to share a makeup-free, duck face selfie with the world, writing “#sidepony #nomakeup #lovinglife #honeymoon.”

Days after getting married in two custom Marchesa designs, the newlywed laid off the makeup on her tropical honeymoon with husband Brooks Laich.

Instead of getting decked out in red, white and blue makeup to celebrate 4th of July, Hilary decided to give her skin a break and embrace her glowing, natural skin. “Night night. Didn’t wear makeup today… felt so good. Hope everyone had a healthy happy 4th,” the star captioned her Instagram selfie in bed.

The jetsetting model showed off her completely clear (albeit slightly sunburned) complexion with slicked back hair on Instagram from when she was in Greece. 

Before she hit the stage at her Las Vegas residency show, the star shared her pre-concert ritual on Instagram with a fresh-faced video. “So this is what it’s like before the show,” Lopez said in the clip. “I sit here, no hair, no makeup, no nothing. Trying to get mentally prepared to give you all I have.”

The actress and mom of daughters Olive and Frankie enjoyed her beachside Memorial Day celebrations by embracing her skin just the way it is in this Instagram photo.

The model showed off her radiant skin in a makeup-free selfie  before getting all dolled up on set. “Selfie on set today,” she captioned the Instagram photo. 

The Olympic champion and current Dancing with the Stars contender shared a snap of her near-flawless skin before heading to bed. “No makeup no nothing goodnight world,” she captioned the selfie on Instagram.  

The 44-year-old star (who doesn’t look a day over 25), has shown off her beautiful barefaced complexion once or twice before. And it doesn’t look like she plans on stopping anytime soon. “Freckle face Union,” she captioned her freckly faced Instagram selfie.

The blonde bombshell went super ’60s mod in her Michael Kors collection illusion column at the Met Gala last night, and played with fun blue eyeliner for a pop of color. But before bed, the star shared one last photo – this time, completely barefaced after the big event. “Well that was fun. End of the night. Make-up off. Thank you @michaelkors for a very fun #metgala,” she captioned her sefie. 

The star showed off her spotless skin in a makeup-free Monday selfie on Instagram Story, posing sans mascara and without her brows filled in, with the caption “Mondayz.”

The best friends who go bare-faced together, stay together — a theory Michelle & Busy proved during their makeup-free day of activities.


The 44-year-old actress shared a rare shot of her bare face — but thanks to her 102° fever, her cheeks were flushed with a flattering, rosy hue so pretty she even asked Covergirl to recreate it in blush form.

We may be used to seeing her with glittery eyeliner and a tight backflip-ready bun, but when the Olympian is off duty, she’s bare-faced and beautiful.

The 7th Heaven star shared a makeup-free selfie before bed – embracing imperfections and all – that we can all relate to. “Now off to bed because this mama is tired! And missing my family like crazy! Sweet dreams to you all and thank you for all the love! #thisisme #comfortableinmyskin” she wrote on Instagram.

She may be a pro at doing her own glam, but Zendaya is also a fan of a makeup-free face – a look that she flaunted on Instagram this weekend.

Gabrielle isn’t afraid to show off her natural side, posting a sans-makeup, curly-ponytailed selfie on Instagram. “Just me,” she captioned the barefaced look.

Demi loves showing off her fresh look with her natural face full of freckles in an early morning bedside selfie. 

This supermodel keeps her skin natural and clean in her off-time, like when she wraps herself up in a cozy Lemlem scarf while traveling.

The America’s Next Top Model judge plays with daring makeup looks on the reality show, but prefers going bare-faced once the weekend rolls around. 

Eva gave her skin a break from her in-depth Snapchat makeup tutorials and went totally fresh-faced on a flight to Dubai.

How does Katie combat the Sunday scaries? With a gorgeous, fresh-faced photo, showing off her glowing skin and natural tress texture.

If this is what Carrie looks like when she’s a “sweaty mess,” we’re going to have to officially go ahead and declare her superhuman.

The eco-friendly actress shows that she’s all about being natural inside and out with this serene beach selfie.

The star celebrated her 19th birthday with some old faithfuls (high-cut bikinis, hair color changes, Snapchat) as well as some surprises — like a rare glimpse at her freckled, un-contoured face.

Married life is a blissful life for Ciara, who shared a gorgeous bare-faced snapshot with the caption: “Happy. Peaceful. Blessed. ❤️”


Ah, island life: Where the living is easy and makeup is purely optional. Just ask the supermodel who opted for a bare face on the beach during her vacay in Mykonos.


Admit it: You’ve named your dark circles. And so has the Pretty Little Liars star, who showed off an early-morning snap with the caption: “My under eye bags are Chanel. Morning vibez.”


The newly redheaded (and single!)Modern Family star is all about promoting her inner beauty these days. And her latest Insta proves just that with a gorgeous photo of her fresh faced and ~flawless~.

Gabrielle shared that the secret to her ageless complexion is Cheetos, which – we’ll just say it – seems pretty unfair to joke about.

The only thing better than waking up as fresh-faced and glowy as Barrymore? Doing so by the ocean.

“It’s all easy” isn’t just the name of Gwyneth’s cookbook – it’s also her approach to an early-morning selfie.

The most delightful part of Nicole’s before-bed selfie is that she gave a name to those baby hairs we all have: “JLOs.” 

As if you needed more reasons to love Zendaya and her refreshing beauty philosophy, we offer No. 736: She responds to a Twitter hater who was “hurt” by seeing her without makeup by serving up a gorgeous barefaced selfie with the sarcastic caption “Terrifying, honestly.”

It’s not that the Orange Is the New Black star wears a ton of makeup to work (she does play a prisoner, after all), but there is one key difference to her cosmetic-free look on vacation: She also gets to smile! 

Ordinarily we’d say she didn’t exactly wake up like this, but in Kesha’s case, it does seem possible that she sleeps in her “magic rocks.”

The star sings the praises of filters in her barefaced snap, but the Younger star isn’t fooling us – we know she comes by this luminous skin naturally.

The Modern Family star shows off her dark new do, a “truffle” shade, in a fresh-faced selfie, captioned: “No makeup. No filter. No problems…. Except the calendar still says February… Gotta fix that.”

You’re looking at the tired but happy face of a woman who stayed up all night watching The Bachelor. 

The mom of twins titled this selfie “#yikes,” but the only thing we can possibly object to in this shot is how good her skin looks without any assistance.

Mrs. McConaughey gets a brightening boost from Mother Nature’s all-natural filter: Direct sunlight!

Oh hole-y night! Gigi’s shredded sleepwear adds an extra layer of interest to her sultry selfie.

“I feel most beautiful when I’m naked,” Demi told PeopleStyle, and that philosophy clearly extends to her face as well.

Borrowed camo baseball hat? Check. Cute, eye-framing glasses? Check. Just-woke-up fresh face? Check. Looks like the star is ready for an early-a.m. facetime with her country-cutie boyfriend.

New year, no hue! The actress announced via her up-close Insta that she was starting the year with a no makeup selfie.

The star communed with nature in her most natural state – without a stitch of makeup.

As Demi Lovato, Bella and Sabrina all prove, Disney channel stars may have the market cornered on glowing, gorgeous barefaced selfies.

The star hits the sauna for a steamy (literally) selfie.

Once you’ve taken off your makeup, binged some Making a Murderer and texted your boo, what’s left to do before you go to bed? Instagram a makeup-free selfie, of course!

Salma likes to give credit where it’s due: “Wet hair, no make up, no filter, no retouch, but very good light,” she captioned this Instagram.

The 61-year-old supermodel is such a big fan of her skincare products, she took a photo wearing only them to show off how well they work.

And apparently, this model’s skincare line makes her want to take off more than just her makeup – she strips down and lathers up to show how well her Kora Organics work.

Miami traffic may suck (as the supermodel captioned her fresh-faced Instagram) but she sure makes sitting in a highway parking lot look good!

You know how we know Jenna Dewan-Tatum is a lucky lady? Because she’s married to Channing Tatum. And he takes gorgeous, fresh-faced photos of her like this one.

“Post-spa bliss,” the supermodel captioned her Instagram. (Other possible captions we might suggest: “Flawless.” “Ageless.” “The benefits of sunscreen.” “You are all mere mortals.”)

The star skipped the makeup – and the shirt – for an early-morning selfie posted from bed before she headed to set.

Wonder who’s responsible for that glowing, makeup-free visage? Naomi’s got nothing to hide: She not only credits her facialist-to-the-stars, Joanna Vargas, but she includes her in her at-the-spa selfie!

She’s a glowing bride-to-be! Julianne Hough shared a barefaced snapshot on Insta, showing off her handmade jewels in support of the all-women non-profit, Akola. Do we think she’ll wear one on her wedding day?

“With all 4 in school I will have a little more time to myself to focus on me,” Spelling captioned this fresh-faced photo on Instagram.

We love two things about this photo: The Girls star’s willingness to be 100 percent herself and her awesome blue mani.

captioned this selfie “long day time for a fresh face and a bath!” a.k.a. the same way we feel when we’re wiped out. Guess we’re more like Gaga than we thought!

We’re so used to seeing Kylie in full makeup, so it’s refreshing to see the 18-year-old looking glowy and fresh-faced. That same day, she declared it “No Makeup Mondays” on Snapchat – a tradition we wouldn’t mind her keeping up with.

The newly-engaged may know more about stage makeup than any of us thanks to her dancing background – which is why she likes to go barely there when she gets some time off.

Apparently the secret to radiant skin is to be in close proxmity to Iron Man himself – as Instagrammed: “How I love thee #pepperony,” a shout out to the portmanteau for their on-screen couple.

Fresh from a sweat sesh, the showed off an adorable makeup-free moment on Insta while getting a few smooches from her pooch, Penny. Along with the sweet snap, Carrie listed her extensive workout routine, and we’d say she definitely earned those puppy kisses – it looks exhausting!

We can only wish we looked as fresh-faced and well-rested as Bella does after hours of international travel, according to the caption on her Insta, at least: “Jetlag game real….bye bye… Chicago!!”. Until then, we’ll continue to over-filter all of our post-flight selfies.

once told PEOPLE she rarely leaves the house without about 30 minutes’ worth of makeup application, but judging by her beautiful barefaced selfie, the 42-year-old actress doesn’t need anything on her face besides a smile.

We’re not sure we’d show off our acne on Instagram. But maybe that’s why we’re not famous? “4:30am wake up tomorrow for my call time and I can’t fall asleep and chin acne LIKE A TEENAGER is bumming me out. But also, I picked at it so its my own damn fault,” the actress captioned the snapshot.

If you happen to see a girl wandering aimlessly the halls of your hotel, don’t panic: “When I have stayed at a hotel for a long enough time I start to walk down the corridors slowly and looking unkempt late at night, pretending I am alone and it is my house,” the singer shares on Instagram.

We haven’t seen the 17-year-old without a full face of makeup since her Teen Vogue cover, so when the starlet shared a caption-less bare-faced selfie on Instagram, we were super excited. In fact, we hope to see more makeup-free moments from Jenner, as we think she looks just as beautiful without contoured cheekbones and a lip-lined pout.

The smize master got real with her Instagram fans after sharing a selfie without a stitch of makeup on – no signature smoky eye, no contouring, nothing. Just her bare face and a (long) powerful message about confidence: “You know how people say #nofilter but you know there’s a freakin’ filter on their pic? Or maybe there’s a smidge of retouching going on but they’re lying and saying it’s all raw & real? Well, this morn, I decided to give you a taste of the really real me.” Makeup or not, we prefer Tyra in every way. Keep on, smizin’, girl.

The British chart-topper is the most recent star to go sans makeup on social media, but her her barefaced moment didn’t come without some controversy. After sharing a sweet selfie on Instagram, some followers wrote nasty things in response. But the singer didn’t let the haters get away with it for long. “I’ll keep posting makeup-free photos sorry haters,” she Tweeted, adding. “And also if you follow me on Instagram just to make weird comments like ‘put some makeup on’ please unfollow because that’s not really my vibe.” We’re with Ellie!

We saw how prepped for the CFDA Awards, but once the stylish show was over, everything but the jewels came off – even her sultry smoky eye! To prove it, the Mad Men star snapped a selfie captioned, “It’s always fun to wake up with your jewels on. Prickly but fun. Makes you feel serious. @ireneneuwirth I can’t figure out how to take the f—-r off. It’s pretty serious about wanting to keep me.”

Going without makeup is a common occurrence for the , who keeps her cosmetics stashed at the start of each week for #nomakeupmondays.

is drop-dead gorgeous, has an impeccable sense of style and is every designer’s dream. And she looks like this without makeup. Some girls have all the luck!

The Orange Is the New Black star toasted a much-needed vacay by revealing both her makeup-free face and quite a bit more, thanks to her ultra-sexy sheer swimsuit.

We’re pretty sure if we “woke up like thissssssss” (as declared she did), we wouldn’t look as put-together as the star: She doesn’t have a single hair out of place, a perfectly pink lip, plus she’s got an adorable cat to cuddle with. #tswiftproblems, amirite?

Let’s throw it back to one of the Selfie first makeup-free snapshots. It’s an oldie but goodie and deserves some extra attention now that she’s literally written the book on the subject.

To the woman who coined the phrase, “I woke up like this”, we salute you and your gorgeous still-in-bed selfie. That is all.

Blue-eyed BFFs! Selfie-ing with her hair stylist/bestie, Chris McMillian, shows off her natural side in a fresh-faced photo.

If you’ve ever wondered what the German looks like without a full face of paint, well, it’s really no different than what she looks like with it: flawless.

Celebrating the launch of her Body Book, the embraced her natural beauty and shared a “naked photo” – of her face, that is!

The supermodel veteran (there’s a reason Taylor Swift dubbed her The Headmistress) went barefaced for a good cause. “#WAKEUPCALL Support #ChildrenofSyria @UNICEFUSA: I nominate @CTurlington @SoniaKashuk @MmeGrey,” she captioned the sans-makeup social moment.

Who knew could go country? The Goop lifestyle guru went all out on a trip on a Montana farm with a plaid flannel shirt, cowboy hat and not a single stitch of makeup.

The Mad Max: Fury Road star also jumped on the barefaced beauty bandwagon (for charity!) with a fresh-faced snap she posted on her Instagram.

“Don’t know why I still look like a teenager sometimes..#Sky #nomakeup #thegoodolddays,” the (who’s actually 38!) captioned her perfect-skin snapshot.

Another member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan who’s putting down the contour brushes and embracing her “natural” side? Kourtney, who shared this makeup-free selfie with her Insta fans to thank them for reaching 15 million.

Before caking on the cosmetics, Snooki gave her followers a peek at her bare face with the caption, “My clean canvas before I get artistic.”

AnnaLynne dished out some serious self-confidence advice we should all abide by in her selfie: “I woke up this morning and decided I’m over Hollywood’s perfection requirement. To all my girls (and boys) who have ever been embarrassed by their skin! I salute you! I’m not perfect – and that’s okay with me!” Hear, hear.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star got real barefaced on Instagram after showing off one of her first-ever makeup-free selfies.

Miss Alabama ditched her full face of makeup to share a more natural, laid-back version of herself with her fans. “Feeling confident enough today to post this, finally. I have quite a few imperfections too!,” she shared.

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