Capricorn Snake Monthly horoscope: What your Chinese and Western zodiac sign has in store for you

THIS December, Capricorn Snakes may be stressed due to various tasks they will need to complete before the year ends. In order to relax, they will need to seek activities that will release tension and make them feel well.

In Western zodiac, Chinese Snakes are born in December and January month and in Chinese astrology, Snakes are born in: 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, and 2025.

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Capricorn Snake Traits

Let's get one thing straight, these Snakes are truly charming – they have a presence too.

It's a combination of strength of character and charisma. And they are indeed strong and charismatic. 

They're also arguably one of the most traditional combos in combined astrology. 

They believe wholeheartedly in family, unity, community – and view themselves in a very patriarchal fashion. 

They're in the wrong era really, somewhere bang in the middle of America circa 1955 would suit their mindset perfectly. 

They sound like gems, don't they? Doting, strong, protective patriarchs. 

They are. However, that charming veneer conceals some serious intent. Capricorn/Snake combos are ruthless (this one slightly less so) and they have one agenda – and that is their own. 

They're stunningly ambitious, driven as hell and extremely aspirational. 

Their work ethic is, quite frankly, mind-blowing, staggering, outer-worldly. It's relentless – you can't help but admire it – and it's driven by a love of money, an adoration, an obsession with the green stuff – they love it, it singularly motivates them. 

Not many Caps could do a job they loathe for 50 years, but as long as it paid well these Snakes could (no problem) and they'd be early every last damned day too, because they're terribly conscientious, y'see. 

They have a mighty ego, they're vain as hell but they're ultimately gorgeous, charming, hugely sociable uber-stars in the making. Impressive.

The 12 star signs

  • Aries ♈︎
  • Taurus ♉︎
  • Gemini ♊︎
  • Cancer ♋︎
  • Leo ♌︎
  • Virgo ♍︎
  • Libra ♎︎
  • Scorpio ♏︎
  • Sagittarius ♐︎
  • Capricorn ♑︎
  • Aquarius ♒︎
  • Pisces ♓︎

Types of Snakes

Metal Snake: Determined, courageous, confident, and able, they are born a leader.

Earth Snake: Calm, with strong self-control, but not steadfast and diligent enough in work.

Wood Snake: Orderly, intelligent, and has a refined taste.

Fire Snake: Smart, insightful, communicative, active, and fond of the limelight

Water Snake: Clever, creative, lively, and communicative, but sentimental.

Love and compatibility

The Snake is most compatible with the Ox and the Rooster.

This trio are considered deep thinkers. 

They are driven, goal driven and can be very persistent.

The Ox has stamina but can be dull but the Snake is highly diplomatic and sneaky in its way.

The Rooster is the head of the group and is always confident no matter the setback.

In contrast, the Snake is least compatible with the Tiger, Rabbit, Snake, Goat, and Pig.

Snakes have bold personalities and signs with similar characteristics may see them as competition for anything. 

Additionally, there will be multiple misunderstandings which will contribute to instability and heated arguments.

Lucky Numbers

The Snake’s lucky numbers are: 2, 6, 8.

Relationship to the year of the Rat 2020

Snakes should explore their emotional side this year and tap into their sensitive nature. 

They should also do things for self-discovery purposes and find activities that fulfill them without needing to depend on others to go with them.

Snakes, doing activities that you enjoy promotes self-love and can help build positive self-esteem emotions. 

Try and keep a healthy diet this year as well so you avoid illnesses and having to miss out on fun things. Eat nutrient-rich foods and try to drink natural juices instead of carbonated drinks. 

Practice wholesome love towards yourself. 


The planetary alignment this month advises the Capricorn Snakes to take inventory of the past year lived.

For the next three weeks, our thoughts and words will be going at full speed as we prepare for the holidays and the end of the year.

This can be a great time of discovery, adventure, and growth, but many could feel the chaos of the season hovering over them.

December has news in store as both Saturn and Jupiter leave Capricorn mid month to enter the zodiac sign of Aquarius. 

This is a major turning point, especially because they meet on the 21 in a rare celestial event known as the great conjunction.

A new age arrives in which humanity places its attention on logic, science, philosophy, astrology, and culture — a renaissance if you will. 

Of course, it will take many decades for this change to be fully realized, but the seeds begin now. Pay attention.

Take the old lessons and turn them into positive experiences, nothing that lasts is ever meant to hurt you.

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