Camilla Belle Spills the Crucial Beauty Tip She Got From Her Grandmother

All in the family! When Camilla Belle has a beauty or fashion conundrum, the When a Stranger Calls actress looks to her grandma or mother.

The 32-year-old actress sat down with Stylish to talk about the launch of One Love Foundation’s Opens a New Window. #LoveBetter video campaign for Valentine’s Day (which Belle directed) to educate people about healthy and unhealthy relationships through a box of chocolates where the tastes represent various emotions. 

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The number one quality Belle looks for in all of her relationships? Honesty. “I think if all parties are honest with each other and if there’s transparency, there can only be positivity from that,” she said.

And Belle doesn’t shy away from sharing her thoughts. “My friends know that I’m the most blunt person in the group and and nothing goes by me,” she revealed. “I’m like the old lady therapist of my friend group. That’s my role for sure. All of my friends call it ‘Straight Talk with Camilla’ and make jokes about it!”

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    The reason she’s able to feel so comfortable being candid all comes down to her self-worth. “I am a pretty confident person and I think I always have been. I’m sure that stems from feeling very loved my whole life by my family and friends and always having a very solid foundation,” she explained. “Having confidence doesn’t mean being obnoxious. It doesn’t mean being stuck up, it’s just knowing your value and your worth. I think knock on wood, that’s never lacked for me,” she explained. 

    And while Belle can dish out everyday life advice, the actress relies on her grandma or mother’s guidance for all things makeup and style.

    “I have to give a lot of credit to my mom. She has been my stylist and clothes extraordinaire my entire life, so we kind of work on everything together to be honest,” she told Stylish. “We’re really inspired by Elizabeth Taylor and Old Hollywood, so if anything, I’ll turn towards photos of her.“

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    Other pro-tips she’s inherited from her family? “My mom always told me to wash my face entirely and moisturize and I used to be quite bad about putting sunscreen on every morning, but now I do,” she dished. “I don’t leave the house without putting sunscreen on on my face, so those are things that I’m now sort of adapting as I’ve gotten older.”

    Belle makes sure to add a smidge of makeup before heading out for the day thanks to her grandmother. “My grandma was a really stunning woman and even when she was almost 80 years old, she would never leave the house without putting on her lipstick, even if it was to walk from one corner to the other,” she said. 

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    “She didn’t have to have any other makeup on, but she had to put on her lipstick. I think there’s something to be said about that and always keeping up appearances in a way, like what’s important to you,” the actress added. 

    “For me, I always put on mascara. That’s my thing or I’ll at least curl my eyelashes and I think I picked that up from my grandma. She wouldn’t leave without adding that one touch.”

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