Busy mum shares quick school lunch box hack but brutal trolls slam her as lazy and say her kids deserve better | The Sun

A BUSY mum showed off her clever lunch box hack, but not everyone was sure it was such a great idea.

In a bid to speed up hectic mornings, mum Chelsea shared how she makes lunch for her kids on her Instagram account @theorganisingplatform.

Instead of waking up extra early to freshly prepare sandwicheseach morning she decided to save time and money by making them in advance for the entire week.

Chelsea used a sliced loaf of bread and began making cheese sandwiches as she usually would.

But once she'd used the entire loaf she put them all back into the bread's plastic packaging and popped the loaf of sandwiches in the freezer.

"By the next day your sandwiches will be frozen stiff," she said.


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At this point the mum used a knife to cut the pre-made lunch into triangles and put them into her kids' lunchbox with the rest of their snacks.

She added: "This super quick hack has certainly saved me from stopping in at the bakery on the way to school or sending the kids to school with another lunch order, ultimately saving you time and money."

Of course, you don't have to make cheese sandwiches – you could try out plenty of other fillings like jam or ham.

Although some parents praised Chelsea's savvy lunch hack, some thought it was totally lazy.

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"Seriously yuk, my mum never froze anything other than raw meat, we didn't and still don't eat unless it's that days," one person commented

A second said: "No thanks. Gross. I make them fresh the night before and they're totally fine.

"I have four in school and two at home and honestly this works just as quick."

And another wrote: "Please don't do this, as a child you had to eat frozen sandwiches from my mum, they were not nice."

But other parents loved the idea and agreed it would save loads of time, one said: "I do this! I cut them up before I freeze them and then defrost thee night before school and straight into lunch boxes in the morning, it saves so much time."

"We do this with three kids at school, usually ham and cheese and never any complaints about them being soggy, saves time and sanity in the mornings," one mum said.

Another agreed: "Oh my gosh!! I was making fresh cheese sandwiches everyday – this is gold."

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