Bullies called my post-baby body ‘disgusting’ and said I’d ‘ruined myself’ after I shared pics of my mum tum

A MUM-OF-TWO has revealed the cruel comments she's received online about her post-baby body since giving birth to her second child in June this year.

Emily Skye, 35, who is an Australian fitness model and entrepreneur, is known for her rigorous fitness regime and gym-honed physique, but has recently been called "disgusting" by trolls who say she's "ruined" her body.

Emily, who has 2.5 million Instagram followers, regularly shares candid snaps about her "bounce back", sharing photos a clips of her working out online.

But fed-up with the abuse she's received, the mum-of-two wanted to remind women to "love themselves" regardless of what they look like.

In a post she shared on Instagram, the fitness guru said: "RIP fit body, Yuck, Your body is ruined, So much cellulite, Reminds me to never have kids’ – Just some of the comments I’ve been receiving about my post-partum body!

Writing alongside a snap of her flexing in gym gear, she added: "You know what though? I’d rather it come from others than myself. What I think of myself and constantly tell myself is FAR more important than what others think and say to me."

The Gold Coast fitness fanatic, who is the creator of Emily Skye Fit, gave birth to her second child, Izaac, just six months ago, and has openly shared her post-birth fitness journey with her followers.

She continued: "I’ve said this before – I LOVE my body so much and am grateful for everything it has done for me & my kids!

“I made a promise to myself the day I gave birth to my son Izaac (on my lounge room floor btw) that if I were to ever have negative thoughts about my body I’d remind myself of what it’s done for me and how blessed I am.”

Emily said that even though it “doesn’t matter” what others think and say, it “still does affect a lot of us”.

“Nasty comments like the above do upset me initially but then I take deep breaths and let it go,” she told her followers.

“I know these people are being far from constructive and their only goal is to hurt me. I always try to turn a negative into positive though and I’m using them as motivation.

“So thank you nasty people, instead of bringing me down you’ve only made me stronger, more determined and more resilient.”

Emily said it makes her “sad” when she hears people say terrible things about the way they look.

“Love for yourself and your body isn’t easy and takes time to learn how to do it but I believe it’s SO important,” she said.

“The best way to love your body I think is to appreciate what it DOES for you – focus on that and nourish it with nutritious food, exercise and rest.”

Emily explained that while she loves feeling fit and strong and aims to continue to improve her fitness, it doesn’t mean she doesn't love her body when it’s not at its “peak”.

“I truly loved my body throughout my pregnancies," she added. " Right after giving birth and I love it just as it is right now and will continue to love it for the rest of my life.

“I have even more reason to since becoming a mother and I want to be a good example for them.”

Emily, who’s eldest daughter Mia is now two, said she “will be fit and strong again”.

“Because I want to and I’m doing it for myself on my OWN terms. I’m feeling better, stronger and fitter every single day.”

Since sharing her post on Tuesday night, it has racked up almost 4k comments and over 73k ‘likes’ from fans praising Emily for her honesty and openness.

“This is a great message! You glow from the inside out and look absolutely beautiful!!” one follower wrote.

“You look fab and your dedication to regain your fitness is inspiring I just wish I had half of it (ps that’s what I think what all the negative people feel),” another commented, adding laughing emojis.

“You look amazing!! Your body created 2 miracles and you are 100 per cent inspiration to mamas who may be doubting themselves. Thank you for always being positive!!” wrote a third fan.

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