Bride accused of ‘shaming’ guests by making them take maths test during dinner

The bride decided to get her guests to complete a maths puzzle in order to find their seats.

Her Facebook post was posted on Reddit’s bridezilla forum by user u/Lattesandthelaw, who slammed the couple for “maths-shaming” their guests.

Some Reddit users said the unusual seating chart would cause them anxiety, but others said it was a sweet way to celebrate the couple’s love of maths.

The bride’s post said: “Since both XXX and I are mathematicians, our wedding (which is coming up soon!) will be perfused with mathematical titbits.

“For example, at the dinner, guests will be required to answer a mathematical question in order to find out where they sit. Every guest/couple will be presented with a unique, bespoke question: its difficulty and subject matter drawn directly from what we know their mathematical background to be.

“In fact a very large number of our guests have research-level mathematical background, so for most of them their question has been drawn directly from research papers or thesis.

“It's been a rather consuming but entertaining process to look at all kinds of paper that I wouldn't ever normally look at. Like, for example, set theory!”

Some Reddit users who saw the post said they would RSVP no to the wedding after seeing this requirement.

One person said: “I am laughing because some of the questions have been "drawn directly from their research papers or thesis.

“If I was invited to this, I would have been stuck in the lobby drinking with the caterers. That is too smart for me.”



Another added: “It does sound perfect for THEM but I would decline due to a very likely mathematically-induced anxiety attack.”

However, some defended the bride and groom and said it's up to them as to how they spend their special day.

One Reddit user reasoned: “So now math-shaming is a thing? When is everyone going to stop being offended about everything? If a couple want to celebrate their love for maths that's for them to decide, not anyone else.”

So what do you think? Would you want to go to a wedding with this type of seating chart?

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