BRB, Admiring Harry Styles's "Watermelon Sugar" Music Video Outfits — Don't Text

BRB, Admiring Harry Styles’s “Watermelon Sugar” Music Video Outfits — Don’t Text

Don’t bother texting or calling me for the rest of this week, because I plan on spending the vast majority of my time watching Harry Styles’s “Watermelon Sugar” music video on a loop just to fully wrap my head around his incredible outfits. In the highly anticipated video, the Fine Line singer frolics on a beach and sensually munches on an entire year’s worth of watermelon slices and strawberries whilst simultaneously blessing us with all the summer style inspiration we could possibly need. Now that’s what I call multitasking.

Harry wears not one, not two, but four looks total in the three-minute masterpiece, including a smattering of designs by his favorite label (Gucci, duh), plus fun vintage sunglasses and bold prints galore. Every outfit has a retro, ’70s-style vibe that most definitely has me on a (watermelon sugar) high, if I do say so myself. Ahead, get up close and personal with all four of Harry’s latest music video outfits, which most definitely deserve a spot on your summer outfit mood board.

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