Brazilian Women Swear By This Hair Treatment & It’s Finally Coming to the U.S.

You’ve definitely heard of that mesmerizing candle-cutting hair treatment, and there’s a very strong chance that you have a tub of Bum Bum cream open in your medicine cabinet. But there’s another beauty secret that Brazilian women have been keeping hush-hush for eight years now, and it’s a product that helps them manage to keep their hair famously shiny, perfectly balayaged, bouncy, and split-end free. 

Turns out, when Brazilian women feel their hair is in dire need of some TLC, they take a Rescue Shot. Now, I know that sounds like it would be some delightfully delicious alcoholic concoction with hints of coconut and lime, but in reality, it’s a drugstore hair mask treatment from Pantene that’s only ever been available in Brazil. Well, until now. 

In January, Pantene will officially bring one of Brazil’s most popular hair treatments to the U.S., and if you use hot tools on the reg and visit with your colorist more than your best friend, Rescue Shots will change the way you feel about your hair. 

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To give you a clearer definition of the product, Rescue Shots are small ampoule tubes filled with an intensely reparative deep conditioning treatment packed with lipids, the brand’s signature vitamin blend, and moisturizing glycerin. Each tube contains a single-use treatment that helps to hydrate, strengthen, and nourish hair that’s been overly-processed or noticeably damaged without weighing it down. 

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While Brazilian women are arguably known for their gorgeous hair, that doesn’t mean they don’t OD on bleach and hot tools like the rest of us. Actually, according to research conduced by Pantene, 300 percent more Brazilian women chemically straighten their hair than those in the U.S, while 60 percent more Brazilian women use flat irons than women in the U.S. What’s more, 20 percent more Brazilian women color their hair. 

What you can assume from those statistics is that they’ve possibly figured out an effective way to nurse their hair back to health, perhaps with the help of products like Rescue Shots. 

As someone who is still suffering the consequences of going nearly platinum a year ago (I know, I know), I needed to witness this first hand. And trust me, I was a little bit of a skeptic. I wasn’t totally convinced that I’d feel a difference in my hair after one use, and I was even more unconvinced that the cream wouldn’t weigh my super fine hair down. 

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After shampooing, I used an entire ampoule in place of my conditioner and let it sit for nearly five minutes while I washed my body and shaved my legs. After I rinsed my hair, I noticed that knots untangled easily and my hair felt particularly soft (even my notoriously dry ends). Even more notable, my hair didn’t fall pancake flat. 

While I’m sure that Brazilian women rely on more that just Pantene Rescue Shots, these tiny but mighty tubes will be a solid addition to anyone’s routine, especially those who have a love affair with their curling iron and can’t stop awing over Gisele Bündchen’s beach waves. 

Pantene’s Rescue Shots will be available in drugstore’s nationwide starting in January 2019. While pricing will vary by retailer, you can expect to pick up a 3-pack for around $6. 

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