Bonfire Night 2018 displays near YOU – London events including Southwark, Battersea Park and Alexandra Palace

If you're planning on doing your own display but still wanna celebrate, here's where you can go in London…

Alexandra Palace

If you head down to Alexandra Palace on Friday or Saturday you'll be met with the Ally Pally Fireworks Festival.

Not will it have an incredible fireworks display but there will be a full on celebration.

With street food galore, a German beer festival and an ice skating disco it's worth grabbing tickets.

Tickets are currently £12 for adults, £9.50 for 11-15 year olds and £1 for kids under 10.

November 2-3, more info here.

Battersea Park

One of the busiest events in London, the Battersea Park celebrations usually sell out, so get your hands on the remaining tickets quick.

The 22 minute display is stunning and worth going to see, and there are tonnes of restaurants and cafes nearby after the show is over.

Gates open at 6pm, with the bonfire starting at 7:30pm, followed by the fireworks at 8pm.

Adults pay £11 entry, and children under 10 go free.

November 3, more info here.

Crystal Palace

The bonfire events in Crystal Palace Park are on actual bonfire night rather than the weekend.

It promises colour and a lot of noise, and a children's show at 7pm followed by the main one at 8:30pm.

Adults will pay £9.50 and children are £5.

November 5, more info here.


A perfect display for children, Clissold Park's fireworks only last twenty minutes.

This is due to so many animals living in the park.

Entry starts at 5pm, with the celebrations starting at 7:30pm.

Tickets  are £8.75 for adults and children for £3.75

November 3, more info here.


A rather different celebration will take place in Harrow, with Byron Park hosting bollywood dancers and a human pyrotechnic show.

There will be a special section of the musical fireworks dedicated to Diwali, which is on November 7 this year.

If you're after a bite to eat, then you're in luck at there will be over 12 different vendors attending the event.

The fireworks start at 7:45pm.

On the gate the tickets will cost £8 for adults and £6 for children over the age of three (under three go free).

November 3, more info here.


Brockwell Park in Lambeth will have TWO displays for the price of one, so grab your tickets.

One display will be 'family movie' themed, and the other named 'time tunnel'.

Entry to the park starts at 5pm, with one display at 6:45pm and the other at 8pm.

Adults pay £10 and children are £5.

November 3, more info here.

Southwark Park

Southwark Park on Lower Road will have food stalls, a fairground, children's entertainment and a huge bonfire on November 5.

Entry will begin at 5pm, and there is no specific time noted for the fireworks display so get there ASAP.

If you're a resident of Southwark you can enjoy the display completely free.

And those who aren't residents will pay the oddly specific £9.67 for adults and £3.05 for children.

November 5, more info here

Victoria Park

The completely free celebrations at Victoria Park will be all 'monsters' themed, to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein.

Refreshments will be available for purchase from 5:30pm, with the actual displays beginning at 7pm.

November 4, more info here

Wembley Park

Wembley Park's celebrations will be huge, with an entire light parade to celebrate Diwali.

There will be both British and south Asian food for sale, and the gates will open early at 4pm.

The light parade will commence at 6pm, with the actual fireworks starting 7pm.

November 4, more info here.


Wimbledon Park plays host to not one, but TWO events on November 5.

Funfair rides, food stalls galore and a huge bar will be there so there's something for everyone.

The child-friendly display starts at 6:45pm, and the larger one starts at 8:30pm.

Adults pay £8.56, 5-15 year olds pay £6.42 and 4-and-unders go for free.

November 5, more info here.

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