Bloke's 'game-changing' hack seals frozen food bags in SECONDS without any clips

A MAN has impressed internet users after sharing a “game-changing” hack that seals frozen food vegetable bags in seconds without clips. 

Philip Quinn, from Queensland, Australia, posted a TikTok video showing how his tying trick prevents any pesky peas from falling out in the freezer. 

In the video, Philip can be seen snipping a bag of frozen chips half-way down the middle, instead of along the top like most people do. 

He then ties the sides together without needing a clip or elastic band. 

His savvy video has racked up over a million hits, with people saying the hack has blown their minds. 

One said: “I am impressed. Wow. How have I never once thought to do this.”

Another added: “No, no just no. All my 26 years of left and I've never thought of this?”

A third said: “My mind is absolutely blown.”

Some viewers said they were “mad” at Philip for cutting the bag in the centre, until they saw the “genius” truck. 

Meanwhile, one wrote: “Now this is a game changer. No more frozen peas floating in my freezer drawer.”

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