Best DIY decoration ideas for Halloween 2018 – how to make cheap homemade decorations, from trees to garlands

These quick DIY projects are a fun way to mark the festive season, and it'll help your house look spooktacular. Here's all the info you need…

What are the best homemade Halloween decorations?

Painted pumpkins

Bored of traditional carved pumpkins, or worried your kids might cut their fingers? We have the perfect solution.

Painting pumpkins is an equally fun activity and can create an even better effect.

Some keep it simple by changing the colour of the autumnal squash.

But you can also decorate with sparkles or add a sinister face to customise the orange food item.

Ghost decorations

All you need to create a terrifying ghost for your home is a bin bag and some old newspapers (preferably read copies of The Sun).

Crumple up the papers to create a ball-shape for the ghoul's head then place in the bottom of the rubbish bag.

Tie a string around this "face" and let the rest of the bag hang down.

Draw eyes on the figure and hang from the ceiling to give everyone a good fright.

Bat garlands

Creating a bat garland can be fun for all the family.

And good news, it is easily done with a free template you can print straight from Clip Art.

After cutting out the shapes, decorate them with glitter, paint or colour pencils.

Attach them to some string and hang in the nooks and crannies of your rooms for that haunted house look.

Skull mason jars

This cheap and cheerful DIY is a simple way to add some festive fun to your home.

All you need is a marker pen and an inexpensive mason container from a pound shop.

If you want to cut the cost even more, wash out an old jam jar to create the same effect.

When you have these two items, draw spooky faces or Day Of The Dead sugar skull faces onto the front.

To make these designs pop, feel free to add some tealights into the glasses to illuminate your characters.

Halloween wreaths

Many Halloween fans put together wreaths for their homes every year.

These can be placed on your front door as a sign for trick or treaters to approach.

To make your own one, buy a basic and inexpensive wreath.

You can then add fake spiders, autumn leaves or scary faces to your heart's content.

What is a Halloween tree and how can I make one?

A Halloween tree is a Christmas fir decorated with Halloween themed ornaments, such as skulls, ghosts and mini pumpkins.

People who are fans of the haunting holiday and want to mark the occasion for the whole month, like Christmas, have started putting up the spooky trees at the start of October.

It's easy to get creative by making your own ornaments and decorations for this greenery.

Unlike a traditional Xmas version, you can get as messy as you like and don't have to worry about the branches looking a little dishevelled.

You can re-use your winter fairy lights and throw on some fallen leaves from the garden for an autumnal look.

Others have wrapped creepy-looking chains and wires, along with black tinsel, around the branches.

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