Beauty fans are going crazy over a filter which shows you the RIGHT way of applying your make-up

OVER the years, social media filters have earned a bad reputation – and rightly so, as they distort our faces to an extreme extent.

But whilst we usually think of them in a negative context, a new filter has left the beauty lovers speechless – this time, for all the right reasons.

Taking it to TikTok, Mikayla Nogueira, from Massachusetts, shared her latest find on social media – a filter that shows the right placement for contour.

''It made it look like I had a face lift,'' said the 23-year-old make-up artist.

At the start of the viral clip – it's racked up close to 13 million views in just three days – Mikayla could be seen stood in front of a bright ring light with a filter that had five pink lines across her face.

Whilst the TikTok beauty guru had done most of her make-up already, she was still missing three key components – contour, blush and highlighter – and this is where the filter came in handy.

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Posing in front of the camera, Mikayla filled in the two small triangles just above her cheekbones with a cool-tone cream contour – all she had to do, the make-up artist demonstrated, was to follow the coloured pattern on the filter.

''It is much higher on my face than anything I am used to.

''It creates a shadow that kind of elongates my face – […] I am happy this filter exists,'' she said.

To finish off the stunning make-up look, the 23-year-old then applied a small amount of a peachy pink blush just above the contour – doing this instead of placing it on your cheeks will give a lifted effect, Mikayla claimed.

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''It's youthful, it's lifted – try it out!''

Amongst those who've tried the new filter was also the famous beauty guru and YouTube star, Nikki Tutorials – who despite the initial scepticism was also shocked at the final results.


''I f*****g love this one, I look so lifted.''

Viewers were impressed, with some taking it to comments to share their thoughts, like this person: ''This is def the next revolution of “trendy” makeup approaching [sic].''

One make-up fan said: ''I cannot believe this is trending so much.

''I have been doing this forever. My face looks weird when I contour low.''

A third begged: ''This is insane! Can we get a full face side by side to see the difference.''

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