Beauty fan gets fake freckles tattooed ALL over her face… but trolls warn they'll 'age like a tramp stamp' | The Sun

A BEAUTY fan who had fake freckles tattooed all over her face has been warned the inkings will "age like a tramp stamp".

Tattooist Daisy took to TikTok to share a video of herself doing a "full face of heavy coverage tattoos" on her client Silje.

"This is the canvas I had to work with," she began. "My client has beautiful skin but as you can see, her features were made for freckles.

"She has a couple of natural freckles here and there and I used those as a jumping off point to map out these glorious heavy coverage freckles.

"I always show my clients the mapping before we get started to make sure they're happy, and I make the mapping as interactive as it can possibly be.

"My clients can always choose where they want their freckles to be."

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She then showed what Silje looked after having the freckle tattoos done, as she said: " They do settle down a lot during healing.

"The colour will calm down about 50% and obviously the skin won't be red once it's healed."

And while some people loved how the freckles looked, others were less than complimentary in the comments section.

"This will age like the tramp stamp," one wrote.

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"It looks like a rash," another insisted.

"Why the f**k would you destroy her like that?" a third commented.

"Taking advantage of people's stupidity is not OK."

"You need to be stopped," someone else wrote.

"So crazy that my brothers would call them 'poo flakes' and made me hate freckles and now ppl PAYIN for them," another marvelled.

While someone else said: "This looks like if she has scabies."

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