BBC Hospital viewers left in tears after the programme ends with a baby dying hours after birth

Lauren, 27, was admitted to Liverpool Women's Hospital at 33 weeks pregnant with twin boys Bobby and Albi.

Bobby was healthy but his brother had a fatal condition called anencephaly.

This meant his skull hadn't developed correctly and soon after birth he would die.

Brave Lauren told the programme: "I had my scan at 13 weeks and I'd just got my head around the fact I was having twins.

"Then I found out that Albi had a fatal condition and I was just devastated."

She added: "He's our baby and will always be on our hearts."

Her partner Gary, breaking down in tears, said: "We were happy to see them together."

Her mum Debbie added: "It's been hard because it's like watching my little girl go through it, it's like a crash waiting to happen."

Lauren and Gary had hoped to donate Albi’s heart valves and liver.

But sadly they were not able to as, after she suffered pains, her cesarean date was moved forward, and he too young.

At the end of the show viewers learnt that, two-and-a-half hours after being born, Albi had passed away.

Viewers offered their support

anette‏ said: "What a brave family to have their story shown. God bless you all, rest in peace little Albi."

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