Baby names most likely to make your child a social media star – including Chloe and Sophie

WANT your child to end up as an influencer? You might want to choose their name carefully. 

A new study has analysed the top social media stars and found that you should call your child Hannah if you want them to be an Instagram queen. 

The survey looked at over 500 Instagram accounts to work out which name was used the most, and 50 thriving accounts were ran by a Hannah.

Hannahs also had an average of 1,128,000 followers – so are highly influential online.

Another name which could boost your child’s chance of social media success was Chloe, which came second in the study. 

The name Sophie is third with 40 accounts and 3,377,000 followers. 

The five girls’ names with the most influencer accounts

  • Hannah – 50 accounts – 1,128,000 average total of followers
  • Chloe – 50 accounts – 2,394,400 average total of followers
  • Sophie – 40 accounts – 3,377,000 average total of followers
  • Sarah – 40 accounts – 1,786,000 average total of followers
  • Rebecca – 40 accounts – 5,578,000 average total of followers


The five boys’ names with the most influencer accounts

  • Jamie – 29 accounts – 9,800,000 average total of followers
  • Jack – 26 accounts – 4,000,000 average total of followers
  • Eric – 19 accounts – 327,000 average total of followers
  • James – 18 accounts – 25,369,000 average total of followers
  • Wayne – 14 accounts – 702,000 average total of followers

While Hannah may be the most likely to become an influencer, Rebecca is the name most likely to get the highest number of followers – a massive 5,578,000 on average.

But what about boys? The study revealed that Jamie is the name most likely to help your child become a successful influencer. 

With an average of 9,800,000 followers, they’re set to earn big bucks on the platform! 

The same can be said for James', with 25,369,000 followers, which is larger than the population of Sri Lanka.

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