Are you a people pleaser? Optical Illusion gives the answer and it all hinges on what you see first | The Sun

OPTICAL illusions can reveal tonnes about your hidden personality traits.

This wintery scene can determine if you're a people pleaser or not – it all hinges on what you spot first.

The illusion shows a rocky mountain top, but some people first see a sleepy pup laying down in the blanket of snow.

But which did you see first?

According to Charles Meriot each image means something very different, so look closely.

Posting on TikTok, Charles explained people who saw the mountain first tend to be "friendly and kind."


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You probably avoid confrontation since you don't like to fight and argue over small or insignificant things.

But because of this you're a also a people pleaser who lets others have their own way, even if it's not always the best way.

It's a different story if you fall into the group who saw the dog first though.

Chances are you're very ambitious and have big goals you want to reach.

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You're also dedicated to achieving your goals and don't mind if that means putting yourself first.

So are you are you a people please or a goal reacher?

After viewing the illusion on TikTok people were amazed by how accurate their results were.

One person commented: "Dog, 100 percent true."

A second wrote: "I'm the puppy on a lazy day but I'm not a people pleaser, I have no filter."

"I saw both and they describe me to the tee," another said.

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