An abandoned school, a creepy church & house ON the motorway- the Brits who were very bold when it came to buying homes

WHEN it comes to buying property, most people are either looking for something that's been completely modernised or sink their teeth into a renovation project.

That said, there are some risk-takers who see an abandoned school, an old church or even a neglected DUNGEON as the chance to create their dream home.

Here Fabulous Digital takes a look inside some of Britain's most bonkers homes – the good, the bad and the slightly creepy.

Just don't blame us if you suddenly find yourself fantasying about moving into your old primary school.

Abandoned School

Earlier this month, one TikTok user gained 100,000 followers in less than 48 hours after giving a glimpse inside the old primary school they're currently converting.

Posting on their School Renovation account, the newfound social media star revealed their home had been built in 1865.

Giving fans a tour around the building, they revealed they were planning on turning the eight classrooms into bedrooms.

But before they could begin renovations, they'll have to sort the significant water in the hallway and what will be their front room.

What's more, the owners also gained a playground when they bought the property – and the yellow climbing frame is probably the thing in best condition.

Old Church

When Emily Barratt first saw an old church in Manchester pop up on Rightmove, she assumed it would require too much work.

But after walking round for the first time, the ambitious DIY-er and her husband fell in love with the property and put an offer in.

Emily told Fabulous: "We paid £470k for it, it was a former primitive Methodist church that was inhabited by a family who used it as a dwelling.

"I strangely never found it spooky, even though I thought I would. I’ve lived in a house with spooky goings on before, but there has been nothing here!

"I think everyone (including the estate agents and a builder friend who also viewed it for himself) thought we were mad.

"When we viewed it we were unable to get in some of the rooms as they were full to the ceilings with stuff. But this meant that on the day we got the keys there was lots to explore!"

Documenting the house transformation on her Instagram account Our Big Renovation, Emily has shared her love of bargain brands such as eBay, B&M and The Range.

Despite the fact they've been living there for a year, Emily says the house still continues to surprise her.

"We discovered an extra garden and a cellar, the loft is also like a labyrinth," she added. "And only last week we discovered another door that leads to something in one of the rooms which I still haven’t been in!"

House ON the Motorway

Stott Hall Farm – set in the west Yorkshire countryside – shot to fame when its previous owner Ken Wild refused to move to make way for the M62.

The stubborn farmer, who died in 2004, had refused to sell his land that his father had bought in 1934 when plans for the motorway on the moors were approved.

Jill Falkingham and her husband Paul Thorp currently live in the 18th-century property – which thousands of drivers who thunder past every day.

She told the Manchester Evening News: “We have treble glazing and it’s no different to living anywhere that has a road.

“The noise does affect me as I am quite noise sensitive. Paul is fine with it but it does grate on me.

“It’s the sort of thing that if you are having a bad day the noise is the last straw. But it’s not going away.”

When they first walked through the doors of their new home, Jill says her heart sank as she spotted mouldy carpets, damp walls and all the rooms were "dated".

However, Jill has slowly modernised the property – which Phil originally lived in by himself – and now thinks the space is "cosy".

Dungeon apartment

Last year, Jamie Barrow, 28, revealed how turned a derelict "dungeon-like" basement in Bath into a dream home worth £475,000. 

Jamie had been working on the top floor flat of a Grade-I listed townhouse when he was informed about the abandoned basement that had never been lived in. 

Inspired by what he could do with the space, Jamie managed to get planning permission for the basement and snapped it up in 2017.

Jamie said: “At first going down there was quite scary, it was such a dungeon, it was so dark and you could easily get spooked but now it's amazing.

“It's taken three years to finish it. I applied to the owners of the building – Curo – to see if I could buy it off them.”

He fully transformed the basement, and it was put on the market with Rightmove last summer with a guide price of nearly half a million pounds. 

"One of the things I was most proud about was replacing the flooring on the lower floor with Bath stone," he said. "

“At some point in its history people had replaced what we believe must have been Bath stone flooring (like in the upstairs bedroom) and put down a variety of leftover stones, and most were missing.

“As Bath stone flooring is not something you can just order from a shop we actually went down the mine and saw our stone get taken directly from the ground to a local stone mason in Bath who then cut it into the flooring you see now.

“I feel this is a lot more authentic for a building like this and very proud at how it has turned out.”

Rat-infested house now worth £1m

Fashion designer Amanda Cotton, 38, and her husband Jess, 38, told Fabulous how they turned a “wreck” of a house in Watford, Hertfordshire into their dream forever home.

A friend at a baby group told Amanda that the detached double front property was coming on the market.

She said: “The first time I stepped through the door there was a dead mouse in the hallway. We’d gone to see it with my dad and our builders.

“Inside there was rat poison all over the place. The previous owner had lived there with six dogs and there was dog poo in the kitchen, under the units – it stank.

The couple completed extensive renovations on the ground floor and extended the house by seven metres at the rear to create their dream open plan kitchen.

The loo was repositioned under the stairs and they also created a separate coat room and utility.

Amanda estimates they spent £250,000 on the renovations and while they haven’t had their home valued – sold prices in the area suggest it to be over £1million.

She added: "“I miss the buzz, the thrill and the pressure of doing [a renovation]. But Jess reckons it’ll be our forever home."

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