Amazon Shoppers Say This $15 Face Oil Makes Them Look 20 Years Younger — Within a Week

It's impossible to overstate the ways chemistry has revolutionized the beauty industry. From creating a $6 face wash that deep-cleans pores, to a lip balm that Chrissy Teigen uses to amplify her lips, the achievements span far and wide. But where some formulas excel at picking out active ingredients and mixing them together, Amazon shoppers say one minimally-processed face oil makes them look 20 years younger — and they see changes within a week. 

Rosehip seed oil is the star player in Pura D'Or's anti-ager, and thanks to the ingredient over 11,000 Amazon shoppers have deemed the oil worthy of five stars. The effect they see from Pura D'Or's Rosehip Seed Oil is stunning: Decades-old scars lighten and fine lines smooth out where shoppers say countless wrinkle products failed before. 

One person calls the oil "miraculous" for the way it plumps up laugh lines and acne scars, and another says the quick-absorbing oil significantly lightened their acne scarring within two days. Even within two hours, shoppers note that their skin looked brighter and sun-kissed — precious info, given how little sun most of us get these days. Blemishes, scarring, and redness fade overnight, and after a week, a shopper says the fine lines around their lips had smoothed out noticeably, convincing them to never pay $50 for a face cream again.

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The effect is so potent, an 80-year-old shopper was confused for 60 during a trip to the Emergency Room, and nurses clamored to know what was behind their beautiful skin. Another 60-year-old says it made their fine lines disappear, and someone nearing their 40th birthday says that thanks to the Pura D'Or oil, their skin looks better than it did when they were in their 20s. It swept away milia, eczema, and darkness around their eyes, mouth, and temple, for skin "completely rejuvenated" in every way. 

Those effects are from the multitude of anti-aging factors within the USDA organic rosehip oil, among them antioxidants like vitamin C, an incredible brightener in its own right, and vitamin A, a natural form of retinol. Per the brand, the duo improves collagen production and reduces wrinkles, while essential fatty acids support cell regeneration. The amber pump bottle is thoughtful, too, helping to minimize light and air exposure to prevent oxidation, which degrades the oil and makes it less effective. 

The "liquid silk" means even 67-year-olds with skin dry from hypothyroidism wake to incredibly healthy skin, and when they get a facial, estheticians write down the product to cop it for themselves. "I have used extremely expensive department store and spa products, but no more," the shopper concludes. "I'll continue to use this product from now on and save myself thousands of dollars. I only wish I had started using this when I was in my 20s." 

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