7 Biker Shorts That Give You a Booty Out of Thin Air

As somebody who has come to grips with the fact that her behind is average, at best, I've come to appreciate clothes that give my rear a little more shape. Items like the TikTok-viral buttcrack leggings have become prominent players in my everyday clothing rotation. So, of course, for the summertime I've been testing out pairs upon pairs of biker shorts to find some that have similar booty-lifting effects. 

By some miracle, I found seven pairs that do my butt justice, and each of these bottoms are under $60. Some are designed for working out, others for style, but no matter their purpose, they all have the ability to lift, shape, and sculpt a behind better than several hundred squats. 

Best butt-lifting biker shorts: 

  • Onzie High-Rise Biker Shorts, from $45 (Originally $54)
  • Heathyoga Workout Shorts, from $14 (Originally $25)
  • Aerie Offline Real Me High-Waisted Crossover Shortie, $30
  • Zella Snow Wash Rib Bike Shorts, $36 (Originally $55)
  • Seasum Biker Shorts, from $15
  • Old Navy High-Waisted Printed Long Biker Shorts, $8 (Originally $15) 
  • Under Armour HeatGear Middy Shorts, from $28

They add a pep in my step (literally and figuratively) and help me feel like the confident and fabulous woman that I am. Check out seven of the best butt-lifting biker shorts below: 

Onzie High-Rise Biker Shorts

These biker shorts fall under the rare category of clothes that I could confidently wear to the gym or to brunch. By that I mean they're both functional for working out and adorable for showing off in front of my friends. The cheetah pattern adds a fun, youthful vibe to whatever outfit I've got on, and, of course, the patterned bottoms are great for calling attention to your own bottom. The lightweight biker shorts are shaping at the tummy and waist, and help give me an impressive hourglass figure.

Shop now: from $45 (Originally $58); amazon.com, onzie.com 

Heathyoga Workout Shorts

After writing about how TikTok discovered these Lululemon dupes, I had to get a pair of my own. This quickly turned into several pairs because there are so many color options to choose from. The double pockets are an absolute game changer, and the different lengths available from this brand make it easy for any shopper to find a pair they're comfortable in. 

Shop now: From $14 (Originally $25); amazon.com 

Aerie Offline Real Me High-Waisted Crossover Shortie 

I've never been one to show too much skin at the gym, but when these biker shorts and a matching sports bra arrived, I felt like it was a public service to show off what I've got. The crossover waist is slimming and emphasizes my curves without restricting any mobility. In them, I feel confident and strong. These shorts are squat-proof and don't show any sweat, so they've become a workout staple for me. 

Shop now: $30; ae.com

Zella Snow Wash Rib Bike Shorts

The ribbed detail transforms what would otherwise be an average pair of athletic shorts into a pair of stylish bottoms I know the Kardashians would love. The cool acid-washed color and long length pair so well with graphic tees, and the back envelope pocket is an added bonus. 

Shop now: $36 (Originally $55); nordstrom.com 

Seasum Biker Shorts

After testing the TikTok-viral butt crack leggings, I knew I was going to love the biker shorts version. They come with the same cinched center that rounds out your rear and turns any pancake into a peach emoji in seconds. The lightweight polyester and spandex material is so nice on hot days since it's breathable and flexible. Just be sure that when you try these on there's a mirror nearby because these biker shorts' booty-lifting capabilities are worth staring at.

Shop now: From $15; amazon.com

Old Navy High-Waisted Printed Long Biker Shorts

When I'm lounging around the house and want to wear something extremely comfortable, I reach for these bottoms. The stretchy waist doesn't clench against my skin like other biker shorts might, and their jersey is as soft as velvet. With an under-$10 price tag, you can't go wrong with these shorts. 

Shop now: $8 (Originally $15); oldnavy.gap.com 

Under Armour HeatGear Middy Shorts

Now that summer in New York is in full swing (94 degrees feels like 1 million here, I swear), I've exclusively worn these Middy shorts for outdoor runs. They're designed to be as light as can be on toasty days, and I love their sweat-wicking capabilities. Plus, they don't ride up, so chafing is a thing of the past when you're in them. Their metallic look makes me feel like a pro athlete even when I'm running at a slow pace. 

Shop now: From $28; amazon.com

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