10 Outfit Ideas That Will Change the Way You Look at Jean Jackets Forever

How to Style a Denim Jacket, denim jacket outfit ideas

Out of all the outerwear options we own, there are three that will remain in our closet forever: a trench coat, something leather, and a good ol' denim jacket. The last one, in particular, happens to be extremely versatile and timeless. There's no shortage of what to wear with jean jacket, whether you layer them with turtlenecks and chunky knits for fall, or drape them over your shoulders once springtime rolls around, providing just enough warmth for in-between weather.

Still, we're always aiming to think out of the box, and enjoy finding new ways to style denim classics. With a touch of creativity, you can totally revamp this wardrobe staple for 2021, turning it into something exciting and fresh that works for every single occasion.

Make It a Set

How to Style a Denim Jacket, wearing a denim jacket with a denim skirt outfit idea

Create a coordinated look by styling your denim jacket with a denim skirt of a similar shade.

Jean Jacket Outfit Idea 1:

Keep things on the relaxed side by adding a hoodie or T-shirt. Then, make it complete with your favorite pair of white sneakers, such as Converse or Vans. It's also worth noting this idea works for cutoffs, too.

Jean Jacket Outfit Idea 2:

A crisp button-down or a sleek, high-neck tank will dress things up, while booties (especially those with a small block heel) will ensure this particular pairing feels elevated.

Double Up

How to Style a Denim Jacket, layering two denim jackets

This new take on denim-on-denim will come in handy on cooler days. And, should it seem too bulky once things warm up, you can always swap out the bottom denim jacket for a denim shirt instead.

Jean Jacket Outfit Idea 1:

Layer two denim jackets over a plain white T-shirt before adding a pair of slacks and sneakers. It would also be cool to opt for a layer in a color other than blue, such as white or olive green.

Jean Jacket Outfit Idea 2:

Style a denim jacket over a denim shirt, then pair that with jeans for the ultimate monochromatic look. A pair of Dr. Martens work as the final touch.

Mix Instead of Match

How to Style a Denim Jacket, canadian tuxedo, denim on denim outfit idea

Go for denim-on-denim, but don't worry if the washes are different shades. The contrasting colors will come across as eye-catching and unexpected, especially if the rest of your look is fairly simple.

Jean Jacket Outfit Idea 1:

If you own a dark blue jean jacket, layer it over a solid-colored top. Then, slip on some light-wash jeans and a shoe of your choice.

Jean Jacket Outfit Idea 2:

Go beyond the basics with a black denim jacket and white jeans, or vice-versa. If you really want to make things interesting, add a black and white striped tee or sweater to your look, which will pop and pull it all together at the same time.

Go Undone

How to Style a Denim Jacket, unbuttoned denim jacket outfit idea

Button up your jacket like you would a collared shirt or cardigan, but leave the bottom unfastened. Now, it's a belly-baring crop-top of sorts that can then be styled with the pants or skirt of your choice.

Jean Jacket Outfit Idea 1:

Embrace the '00s comeback with a black mini skirt and a pair of slides. A tiny baguette bag and colorful sunglasses will add a little extra.

Jean Jacket Outfit Idea 2:

While there's nothing wrong with doing double denim, you can also go for a full preppy vibe with plaid pants and a simple pair of loafers.

Take Things Up a Notch

How to Style a Denim Jacket, denim jacket over a suit outfit idea

Just because jean jackets are known as a casual staple doesn't mean they can't be dressy, too. Style them with structured pieces to create a less stuffy, fashion-forward feel, or skip the trucker design for something sleek and elevated, such as a long duster.

Jean Jacket Outfit Idea 1:

When you want your oversized suit to feel more work than play, add a longer-length denim layer. Then, finish off that laid-back look with a bralette, a bucket hat, and slides or sneakers.

Jean Jacket Outfit Idea 2:

If you're wearing a mini dress or skirt, find an oversized jean jacket that's a similar length. Add strappy heels and a few layered necklaces, and you're ready for date night.

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