Zombie Khalid Breaks Down the Importance of Staying True to your Style

Saudi stylist and content creator, Zombie Khalid is always striving to find a balance between traditional and contemporary aesthetics. Starring in PUMA’s latest headwear campaign, he breaks down the importance of staying true to yourself through fashion for HYPEBEAST.

“Fashion is everything. It is the best way to express myself. It gives you a chance to create, to stand out from the rest of the crowd and to find yourself.”

Worn by men across the region, the white thobe is the key item of clothing that represents Saudi Arabian style. As a fashion enthusiast based in a traditionally conservative country, Khalid stresses the importance of self-expression, “Most of the people in Saudi Arabia lean towards traditional clothing but for me, I’d rather wear something that goes more with my own style and stands out — keeping traditional clothes for specific occasions,” he explains. Finding inspiration is not a binary task and can come from the most unexpected places, but Khalid doesn’t seek to define his style or restrict it to a category, “I don’t tend to follow trends. I always try to create my own and work around that.”1 of 4

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Headwear has typically been seen as synonymous with sportswear, but over the years has expanded to feature in a range of styles. For Khalid, it’s the small things that add a sense of individuality to an outfit as he puts it, “It’s all in the accessories. More specifically, I love sunglasses to complete my look.” Needing a light and airy fit to withstand the desert heat, there’s one piece that’s a staple in the stylist’s wardrobe, “Recently I’ve been wearing vests because they fit in every season and they just go with almost everything.”

With the 2006 Saudi Arabia World Cup kit being his earliest memory of PUMA, Khalid pays homage to the sportswear brand for giving him his first break as a young creative through its