Zelda player builds theme park ride in Tears Of The Kingdom

A Zelda player is building their own theme park in Tears Of The Kingdom, for the entertainment of all Hyrule.

The mind-blowing creations made with Link’s Ultrahand ability never end in Tears Of The Kingdom, as Zelda players have proven to be quite an inventive bunch. 

From building a mechanical arm for petting dogs to chaotic war machines and Korok torture contraptions, players’ creative prowess knows no bounds. 

In this ever-evolving Zelda world, another player has set on a mission to construct a theme park within the game, kicking off with a thrilling ride that is reminiscent of Thorpe Park’s Vortex attraction. 

The player showed off their pendulum-like ride on Reddit, and while it looks like an absolute blast, it’s guaranteed to make Link feel dizzy. 

This ride operates by having a spinning rotor at its core, which then sets two arms into a whirlwind of motion, each armed with its own spinning rotor attachments. 

Unfortunately, the blazing speed at which these rotors twirl proved to be too much to handle, resulting in one of the arms actually breaking and flying off camera. 

The velocity was also intense enough to send Tulin soaring high into the mountains, though he’s sure to find his way back to Link (hopefully). 

As soon as fellow Zelda players came across the theme park ride post on Reddit, they were quick to leave a number of hilarious comments. 

One player jokingly suggested that there might be some unrevealed footage of Link coughing up meat skewers after enduring the ride for a mere 10 minutes. 

Others couldn’t help but feel sorry for Tulin, who apparently just wanted to take a spin on the pendulum but ended up getting launched away. 

Unsurprisingly, suggestions to put Koroks on the ride emerged quickly, meaning there’s a good chance this invention somehow ends up being a Korok torture device, as well. 

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