You Totally Forgot About This Big Problem With the Winterfell Crypts

Every Winterfell resident taking shelter in the crypts while the Battle of Winterfell rages on may be more screwed than they think. You see, the Winterfell crypts on Game of Thrones are still vulnerable to attack, despite being located well beneath the castle, far away from the action. Theories abound that the White Walkers could resurrect the dead Starks buried there, posing a big problem for the living Winterfell citizens and Northerners hiding there. But there’s one other big problem that could give the White Walkers an advantage in the battle: all of the crypt’s secret entrances.

In episode two, “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms,” part of Jon and Daenerys’s battle plan involves hiding all of the Northerners who are not fighting the White Walkers in the crypts under the castle. It makes sense: the crypts are fortified by stone walls, making it a safe and sound-proof solution to fool the invading undead that there’s nobody around except the soldiers they’re fighting. We also know that some of the sweetest and bravest characters will be down there protecting everyone, including Samwell Tarly and Tyrion Lannister. So, everything should be good, right?

But what everyone seems to have forgotten, including the Starks (which is kinda weird because, uh, y’all grew up there), is that Winterfell has many secret entrances that run out of the castle and allow for safe passage without anyone being the wiser. We know that secret passages are a thing with Westerosi castles, as we saw in season seven as part of Tyrion’s attack plan on Casterly Rock for the Unsullied was to get into the otherwise well-guarded homestead by entering through the sewers. Similarly, we know that Bran and Theon Greyjoy have escaped from Winterfell through secret entrances albeit at separate times.

So far, GoT hasn’t given us any indication that the crypts are vulnerable. As previously mentioned, you’d think at least Bran would have addressed this fact; he knows of their existence because he’s used them and because he’s the Three-Eyed Raven. But alas, the Starks have either forgotten the entrances exist or they’re keeping mum about it for some reason. That said, there’s one moment from a GoT season eight trailer that shows Arya, worn out from fighting and running through the halls of Winterfell. We have yet to see the context around this but something tells me this moment possibly comes from the White Walkers finding a way into the castle.

Make sure you tune in on Sunday, April 29 at 9/8c on HBO to find out whether or not the White Walkers figure out there’s more than one way into Winterfell.

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