You Can Now Translate Instagram Stories Into 90+ Languages

Instagram on Wednesday unveiled a new feature that allows users to effortlessly translate Stories into over 90 languages.

The feature, aimed at better connecting global audiences, currently only works for text and not audio. To use the new tool, users can tap on a Story, click the “See Translations” banner, and if one of 90+ foreign languages are detected by the app, a translation will automatically pop up.

The social media site has recently rolled out a number of new tools as it transitions away from being just a photo sharing app. Facebook, which owns Instagram, has pledged to pay out more than $1 billion USD to creators through the end of 2022. The move is aimed at investing more in original content, paving the way for greater growth and monetization opportunities.

In case you missed it, YouTube has added a “Super Thanks” feature that allows people to tip their favorite creators.
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