Xbox Seagate expansion cards get permanent price cut

Microsoft has quietly cut the prices of its Xbox expansion cards in the US, with UK prices expected to follow.

Last month, there was speculation that Microsoft and Seagate would start selling Xbox storage expansion cards for significantly less than their usual price – $179.99 for a 1TB card instead of $219.99 (which would be roughly £145 compared to £219.99).

At the time, this reduction didn’t seem to apply to the 512GB or 2TB cards, but an official update from Microsoft not only reveals that it does, but that the offer is actually better than first assumed.

As of today, the 1TB card will sell for $149.99, while the 512GB and 2TB cards are $89.99 (formerly $139.99) and $279.99 (formerly $399.99), respectively.

The official Xbox website makes no mention of this reduction being for a limited time so it’s safe to assume that this price drop is permanent.

Presumably, this would make each expansion card roughly £71 (512GB), £118 (1TB), and £221 (2TB), but no official UK prices have been given yet.

The UK Xbox website still lists them at their original prices and there’s so far no word from Microsoft or Seagate that this price cut will even apply to the UK.

We took a quick poke around some UK retailers to see if they’ve experienced any price cuts for the Seagate expansion cards but it’s hard to tell as the prices vary quite a bit.

Currys is offering the 1TB card for £139, about £81 less than usual, but it’s unfortunately sold out at the time of writing. It does have external hard drives going for upwards of £60 though.

Argos has the 1TB card in stock but it’s a tad more expensive than Currys’ offer at £149.99.

Very, meanwhile, seems to have plenty of them in stock but none of them are discounted and are incredibly pricey. Even the cheapest one, the 512GB card, costs 179.99.

We’ll be sure to update this article should Microsoft issue any sort of statement regarding the cards’ UK prices.

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