Woman hits back at people who say she’s ‘helpless’ because of her fake nails

If you've ever seen a woman with incredibly long nails and wondered how she gets anything done with them on, we've finally got answers.

A woman who goes by the name Nicki Naomi took to Facebook to share a hilarious list of all the things she can and cannot do with her fake nails.

And yes, she can still wipe her bum, in case you were wondering.

Her bizarre list has since been thousands of times and comes after Khloe Kardashian faced backlash on Instagram for having extended red nails, with many people saying she couldn't possibly change her baby's nappy with those on.

Well, according to Nicki she most definitely can.

She wrote: "For the people who are confused on women with long nails here are the top 10 things we can and can not do with extended nails (clears throat).

"We can wipe our a** (why people think we walk around all day funk a**'ed is beyond me).

"We can and do have corporate jobs (we ain't all scammers).

"We can type on the keyboard (it's loud but kiss my a**)."

Nicki went on to add that women with nail extensions can also braid hair, change diapers, fight and change their tampon.

And as for the things they can't do, there weren't many.

The list included, not being able to pick up coins or credit cards from the floor, not being able to take cards out of an ATM machine and not being able to remove a wallet from a tight pocket.

She finished her post by writing: "So the next time you see a woman with extended length nails, please… we are not helpless, we are not dirty booty b****es and we will drag tf out yo a**.

"This has been a public service announcement."

Alongside this she shared a photo of her own neon orange talons claiming they were "short" compared to her usual standards.

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