Windows Partners With Kerwin Frost for Exclusive Windows 11-inspired Home Goods Capsule at NTWRK's Transfer Festival

Kerwin Frost, a true multi-hyphenate creative, makes certain to never limit himself. This is the ethos behind the all new Windows 11, which launches today, and both’s limitless potential is what makes the pairing of these two that much more sensible. Inspired by the all-new Windows 11, the brand tapped creator, DJ, comedian and style icon Kerwin Frost for a capsule collection that includes a decorative rug and a limited-edition 3D printed sculpture. This collection will drop exclusively on NTWRK at the second annual virtual TRANSFER festival, dedicated to culture and design.

The capsule collection, imagined by Kerwin Frost, was inspired by the new Windows 11, which features a simplified design and user experience that caters to more productivity and celebrates creativity with its creator tools. Frost honored Windows 11 by delivering the first item from the collection — a decorative rug — that takes cues from the design aesthetic of Windows 11 “Bloom,” which was inspired by the way that we live our lives, constantly operating between the digital and physical worlds. The “Bloom” decorative rug was born as a symbol of growth and progress, signaling the next generation of Window 11, coming along with words of encouragement on it that are central to Kerwin’s ethos and process: “Courage. Stamina. Joy. Hope. Imagination. Wonder.”

The second item from Frost’s collection is a limited-edition 3D printed sculpture of a “Bloom Catch All,” featuring an animated Kerwin with the budding Windows Bloom sprouting from the top of his head. The sculpture is detailed with unique 3D imaging/printing technology, which pays homage to Windows 11 with its signature Windows Core Blue. The top of the sculpture is removable and makes for a blend of functionality and art.

The Kerwin Frost x Windows 11-inspired capsule collection is available exclusively on the NTWRK app, during its second annual culture and design TRANSFER festival, beginning October 6-7.
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